3D Scene – Rendered shots

I don’t really understand how lighting in maya works yet so I’ve used the physical sun and sky for these…I should really learn how to do it but no time for that now.
I tried to do a fly through camera which worked in maya but when it came to rendering it, it only rendered one image and I couldn’t set how many frames to render for some reason…so I only have a bunch of render images of the scene from different angles.





Self Evaluation – Ani,Modelling and Concept art

I think I did better this time around, not so much team wise but just in general myself. I was able to model two scenes one entirely by myself and another which was mainly by myself but with a few things made by others. I didn’t dislike Maya too much this time, I only disliked it when I couldn’t use the rigs for the animation part. I found that it was hard to put things in the places I wanted them to be and this was a bit of an issue when it came to my getting off a chair animation. I could visualise it but I couldn’t make it in maya properly. I also feel like I worked better this time because I had to be the one to make sure my teams weren’t falling behind but this also made it harder for me because I wanted to do my concept art stuff more but I had to sort out the 3D scene because my other members weren’t doing so much. I really did try my best to get my concept art team to work together and I hope that whatever advice I gave helped them a bit.

I enjoyed doing this project much more than the 15 second animations we done previously because I think I prefer modelling and concept art together. Three of my concept pieces had my two scenes in them and they made things for me so much easier. I tried drawing buildings myself and it’s just so hard to do it. I think if I ever have to do buildings in concept art I will be using maya for that. I also managed to UV unwrap things ok they might not be done the best but I was able to texture one building with how I UV mapped it and it looked ok to me so maybe I’ll use this to also help me make my future art.

Animation wise I struggle with timing. I don’t really understand it…so I never know what frames to use and I just guess. I think my walk cycle is ok probably can be better but out of the three animations I done, it’s the best one I have. I don’t think i’m one for animating. I’ll just stick to modelling things I guess.

I also want to add that doing the concept art part to this project has really challenged me and made me want to get much better at it. I kind of want to continue the Neo Tokyo city idea on my own and make my own things based on it because I really enjoyed making things for it. I think having it as a side project for me to do when I feel like it, could help me improve my concept art skills because after watching a lot of speed painting tutorials from a range of concept artists I feel like I need to improve on a lot of things especially painting and trying convey certain feelings through my art. I’m not used to doing full pieces like I did for this project so this made me go out of my box for once. I draw faces too often and not enough bodies and full backgrounds. I would like to do a full concept art project sometime without worrying about animations and such but that’s unlikely.


CS – UV Mapping the rest of my models fom the scene.

Today was spent UV Mapping as many of models that I can. I’m not really sure how to UV map the temple thing I made but i’ll try my best anyway. I don’t think I’ve done the UV mapping for the models properly as I’ve just done each part of the model separately. I’m not sure if they’re meant to all be together or if they can be separated.

Traffic Lights UV’s

Street Lights UV’s

Tower Record’s Inspired Building UV’s


I could only do so much of this one. All the tiny rectangles are from the insides of the windows and it was taking forever to get them all in the right places so I left them out. This was the hardest one to do and it’s not even right. I have yet to do the actual signs that aren’t part of the building. 

Signs from Tower records building.

I’m now redoing the UV maps of this building;


Middle building UV Map


It took me a while to do this one but i got the hang of it. I used planar and cylindrical mapping. 


Right hand side building – I didn’t do this one very well either i’m not sure how to do the parts that go in. But it’ll do for now until I work that out. 


Left building – again didn’t sort of the small pieces

CS – Motorbike Update









It’s getting somewhere. I dread the UV Mapping of this though…I don’t really know how i’m going to do it if I even get to that is…

This is what it looked like before I added in extra things such as the handle bars, chain, number plate, lights and exhaust.


As you can see between the rendered images, it’s getting better and it has a bit more of proper shape. I’m modelling the extra parts within the scene so I haven’t saved them separately. I also updated the wheels a bit, they have a ring around them which is more prominent just to add a bit more detail to them.


I tried to add more detail to the front but I’m kind of finding this hard to do due to my topology….



Top View so far

I messed this up in my opinion and I should have finished this ages ago. It’s my fault for leaving it this late and not being able to spend as much time as I should  have on it. So I don’t think I’m going to be able UV Wrap everything on this.



I think I’ve done too much on the one piece for the body. I should have done this in pieces like I was told too. The only pieces that are done separately is the wheels, handles and lights etc. 


All the pieces I’ve modelled separately


Top view 


CS – UV mapping Other Buildings

I’m now UV mapping this building;


I changed the building a bit to make it easier to UV map. I changed the top sign so it’s not attached to the building because it wasn’t right anyway and i’ve separated the signs too. I’ve taken away the signs that come out of the front so I can make a more detailed one which can go onto any building. Below is just progress screenshots.




After doing this I took a break from the UV Mapping and made myself some textures for the previous building just for fun.

The end result;


Render of the final textures.

CS – UV mapping again

Because I was struggling with UV mapping I went back to Alec’s notes on UV Mapping from a few weeks ago and found the video he put with the notes. I found this really useful because I was able to do it better this time.

I’m starting off with this building;


I separated the boards/signs into layers and from the building. They were making the UV mapping complicated for me…

I started with the top board and this is what it’s like so far;


I’m now going to attempt to sew it up and hopefully make a reasonable UV map for this sign. I flipped the UVs so they were all blue and then I began to sew them up. The screenshots below show this.


I have no successfully UV Mapped one of my boards. I made a really bad test texture but I wanted to just quickly make sure it’s fine.



I then UV Mapped the actual building. I didn’t do it properly…I forgot about the fact the windows go in the way but if I get the chance I might go back and fix that. Again I made a test texture and it is really bad but like I said it’s just a quick thing to make sure it’s right.


UV map


Super quick texture


Testing it out with the sign on top as well

I’m now going to UV map the other signs that are in front of the building. Below is images showing my UV maps for all the signs.

Obviously I wouldn’t keep the lines on them but I just wanted to do super quick ones to make sure I got it ok.

I then put them altogether as shown below;

I didn’t make a full UV map of the whole thing together because it gets a bit confusing then but if I have time I will go back and join all the UV Maps into one large one. At the minute each thing is separately UV mapped.


CS – UV Mapping my Models

I looked up the different ways of UV Mapping again and found this post

http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/130484/uv_mapping_tips_and_tricks.php It was kind of useful since it mentioned Cylindrical mapping and cube (which isn’t in Maya 2016?)

I had a go at UV Mapping this building:


First I separated each of the buildings and added them into their own layers.


I then started to UV map each building alone. I tried out the cylindrical mapping on the middle building but it didn’t really work for me…


So I then tried the Automatic to see what would happen.


I thought that since it had all the pieces here I could try out a really quick texture on it but I found that some pieces weren’t in the right place on the UV Map.


Not really sure how I’m going to UV Map all these buildings…i’m already finding it hard to do it.

I tried the planar mapping with the right building but I couldn’t get the rest of the building done.


CS- 3D Scene Update

I finally got the file from Oisin with his version of the scene but I felt like we still had a lot to do. Below is a test render from his scene.


So I started to work on it and try to make it a bit better.  I attempted to make a footpath, traffic lights and street lights. They might not be that great but we don’t have a lot of time left and I want to get this to a reasonable standard.  At the minute the massive buildings at the back are temporarily gone because I’m trying to create something similar but in a different way. I have two buildings in behind at the left hand side. I also spread it apart more because I felt that it was all too close together and it was looking a bit too cramped.


Trying to make a footpath


Test Render


Test Render


Test Render


Test Render with traffic lights


Test Render with traffic lights and street lights


Test Render without foreground bridge

I then added in Oisin’s bike and placed it around the scene and I tried to make a zebra crossing pattern on the road too but that was hard to do because some would show and others wouldn’t as shown in the rendered shots below.


I then went back to the pavement and added in another bit. I done a test render to see if you could see when the new bit was added. This test render also helped me to see if the white stripes where in the right place yet. As you can see the white stripes are still up a bit too high and you don’t really see where the new bit of the footpath joins on which is good since I just duplicated it. You can also see how the building at the back hasn’t got a footpath in all my renders and this is because of the shape of the buildings. I had to find a way of making a rounded one. I eventually made one by flattening a cylinder and changing the shape of it so it fits the buildings the best I could. I then attached a duplicate of my first straight footpath to each end.


After this I worked on the taller and bigger buildings in the background.

I added some signs onto the traffic light but you can’t see it in this render very well.


CS – Modelling a motorbike – 7th Dec 15

I started to work on a motorcyle for the scene, it might not be used because I think Oisin’s is more suitable since his is based on the actual bike in Akira.  While Modelling this I had a lot of problems and it took me a while to work out how to go about it. I think I need to divide it all up. Originally I was doing one side at a time then I would duplicate it and combine them and work my way to the back but this isn’t helping with the controls and such at the front on the top. I got feedback from Alec suggesting for me to model each piece separately so i’m going to have a go at that. I couldn’t find any useful tutorials on modelling motorbikes other than ones that aren’t this style.

To help me model this I actually used this image:


I have a printed out version in my sketchbook where I’ve drawn on top of it a rough topology to help me build the body.

I did a rough scene with what models we have done and this is just some rendered shots from my interpretation of it.

I tried to include all the models from Pete but I had to go in and fix up a lot of his due to problems with some parts of his buildings being detached and there being a lot of history which was slowing it down a bit. I didn’t get to use all of his models though. The ones that are his are shown below:

My models in the scene are buildings that I created for the concept art section which were able to be used for this as well. (below is just some rendered shots of the buildings…I might have missed one or two out but they’re quite similar and I think I have them in another post with concept art stuff)

I posted these rendered shots in our group online and Oisin then posted his version underneath. I actually like his better just because of the buildings in the background. I was going to include his motorbike on the bridge but I don’t have a copy of it so I can’t put it in yet. We like the way in Akira the buildings are overlapped and I think Oisin tried to recreate this in his version of the scene.

12313899_568930653257663_7313468616043472450_n.jpg  Below is an example of what I mean by the buildings overlapping.


We also decided to use this piece of concept art by James Hugh Dalton:


We originally planned on using a different piece but we felt like our idea wasn’t based on his art at all so we had a look through other ones he did and we felt that this particular piece of his concept art was more suitable for our idea. We’re hoping that this is ok because it wasn’t one of the concept art pieces we could chose from.


CS – Mudbox – 3rd Dec 15



We started off today learning about Mudbox, I found it to be fun but when we had to model a sphere into a head I started to dislike it a bit because it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. I think I just need more practice with the tools and have more patience. There was times when it would look close to the way I wanted it but then I messed it up and had to undo it all again. When I get time I’m going to play about with it more because I think it would be pretty useful for me.

These are just some screenshots I took during the time of working on the head. I managed to get a some what decent nose but that took me ages to get right…I just really to practice with the tools more…

fail fail1 fail2 fail3

Also this is just a picture of the cube I played with in the beginning.


Later on in the day we were taught about tracking a scene for compositing. Alec showed us how to do 2D tracking and 3D tracking. I didn’t really pay much attention and I know I should have but I just wasn’t feeling great today and yeah…I can always have a look at the notes that’s on blackboard and stuff.