3D Scene – Rendered shots

I don’t really understand how lighting in maya works yet so I’ve used the physical sun and sky for these…I should really learn how to do it but no time for that now.
I tried to do a fly through camera which worked in maya but when it came to rendering it, it only rendered one image and I couldn’t set how many frames to render for some reason…so I only have a bunch of render images of the scene from different angles.





Self Evaluation – Ani,Modelling and Concept art

I think I did better this time around, not so much team wise but just in general myself. I was able to model two scenes one entirely by myself and another which was mainly by myself but with a few things made by others. I didn’t dislike Maya too much this time, I only disliked it when I couldn’t use the rigs for the animation part. I found that it was hard to put things in the places I wanted them to be and this was a bit of an issue when it came to my getting off a chair animation. I could visualise it but I couldn’t make it in maya properly. I also feel like I worked better this time because I had to be the one to make sure my teams weren’t falling behind but this also made it harder for me because I wanted to do my concept art stuff more but I had to sort out the 3D scene because my other members weren’t doing so much. I really did try my best to get my concept art team to work together and I hope that whatever advice I gave helped them a bit.

I enjoyed doing this project much more than the 15 second animations we done previously because I think I prefer modelling and concept art together. Three of my concept pieces had my two scenes in them and they made things for me so much easier. I tried drawing buildings myself and it’s just so hard to do it. I think if I ever have to do buildings in concept art I will be using maya for that. I also managed to UV unwrap things ok they might not be done the best but I was able to texture one building with how I UV mapped it and it looked ok to me so maybe I’ll use this to also help me make my future art.

Animation wise I struggle with timing. I don’t really understand it…so I never know what frames to use and I just guess. I think my walk cycle is ok probably can be better but out of the three animations I done, it’s the best one I have. I don’t think i’m one for animating. I’ll just stick to modelling things I guess.

I also want to add that doing the concept art part to this project has really challenged me and made me want to get much better at it. I kind of want to continue the Neo Tokyo city idea on my own and make my own things based on it because I really enjoyed making things for it. I think having it as a side project for me to do when I feel like it, could help me improve my concept art skills because after watching a lot of speed painting tutorials from a range of concept artists I feel like I need to improve on a lot of things especially painting and trying convey certain feelings through my art. I’m not used to doing full pieces like I did for this project so this made me go out of my box for once. I draw faces too often and not enough bodies and full backgrounds. I would like to do a full concept art project sometime without worrying about animations and such but that’s unlikely.


CS-Concept Art

I really liked the sketch up I did using the 3D scene for the modelling project so i’m going to bring it into my concept art. Below is the start of this piece, i’m adding in small details and stuff first, then i’ll do the buildings and then the people walking about.



Adding some colour to the main person


Added some rain using a brush and some puddles too. I done this to help me get a better idea of what it’ll look like.


Added in more signs


Coloured in bike at the top


Added colour to the bike in the middle.


Gave the person in the foreground a face 😀 It took a while for me to get it right. I’m not showing previous attempts, they were really bad. I decided to do the face buy painting in the light from the phone and building upon it to form the face. I then went in with more detail like the eyes and stuff. I also tried to adjust the umbrella but i’m just going to keep it like this because I can’t draw/paint umbrellas…I guess that’s the next thing to learn to how draw. I think that if one of my modelling team mates had of made a car I would have put it in to the left I think it would have looked really good there but I don’t have time to make one myself. Maybe in the future I can come back to this piece and add that in.


I added a photo my mum took in New York of taxis, it’s not the right angle but I think it’ll do to add a bit more to this piece.


Adding final details


Finished for now

I could probably do a lot more to it but I don’t want to over do it.

CS- Concept Art Tests


Testing out colours and how to colour them in photoshop.

While looking around the internet I came across an image that I really liked the atmosphere of and I wanted to recreate this kind of scene for my concept art. (Image shown below)


http://landscapes.ml/post/133535355667 (not the original source I can’t find it)

I used the 3D scene for the modelling project and so I played around with a few different angles and adding in more buildings etc

Then I decided on this layout;



CS – More Concept art + Disliking one


Original sketch


Testing out things


Refining it

This piece is more of a character one. It doesn’t show the city well but it’s more about giving you an idea of what the people in this city are like. I guess they’re in gangs and there’s a reasonable amount of violence in the city. So this is showing the back areas of it rather than the pretty neon streets.


I’m changing a lot as I colour it.


I personally don’t like this much…but i’ll keep going at it.

I’ve started another one because I really don’t like that one

Started off with this sketch from weeks ago


Went into maya and used my concept art Maya scene and rendered an image of outside the Frojo.  Then done this in photoshop;




drawing on top


Adding colour


Colouring characters. I used two of my designs for this.


I’m having trouble colouring the clothes…since my original sketch wasn’t super detailed its hard to know where the folds and such are…i know I should have drew a better sketch but since i’m starting this late I don’t have time to make a really nice sketch…


I tried to make a better guide for me to use but i’m really not good with bodies so this is really hard to do ):


I actually had more progress but a while after saving this Photoshop stopped working and I lost it all….My previous save was too far back and so I don’t have my layers of the people anymore and I now have to work on top of this one. So I cut out the people and i’m now working on top of them which saddens me because it means i’ve lost the rough sketch I had which made it a bit easier for me to do this…oh well…


Fixed the bike more. Done the face of the guy on the right. Struggling with the guy on right as shown in the pictures below.


Enter a caption

I asked Edward for his opinion on their faces because I personally don’t like them and I just wanted someone else’s opinion. So here’s his opinion; “The guy on the right is perfect. The other one is great too, but there is something slightly off, very slightly off. I’m thinking it’s either the positioning of the head in comparison to the body or the right side of his face is too dark in comparison to the other guy’s face.” I completely agreed. I then lightened up his face which was what Edward suggested to do. I think it made a bit of difference as seen below;


Fixed face. I still dislike it. But i’m not spending any longer on it…


Added in another two characters


I’m kind of rushing this since I started this one very late…so it won’t be as good as the others.


I think i’m going to stop soon. I wasted too much time on the two guys. I think I might work on this piece when I get some time to because I’d like to improve it much more. I rushed it and I feel like it could have been much better if I started this one first instead of the one above which I hated a lot. 

Overall i’m kind of sad that i did’t do this one as well as my others but I can fix it myself when I get the time to so I can have it in my portfolio.

The “Finished” Piece



CS – UV Mapping the rest of my models fom the scene.

Today was spent UV Mapping as many of models that I can. I’m not really sure how to UV map the temple thing I made but i’ll try my best anyway. I don’t think I’ve done the UV mapping for the models properly as I’ve just done each part of the model separately. I’m not sure if they’re meant to all be together or if they can be separated.

Traffic Lights UV’s

Street Lights UV’s

Tower Record’s Inspired Building UV’s


I could only do so much of this one. All the tiny rectangles are from the insides of the windows and it was taking forever to get them all in the right places so I left them out. This was the hardest one to do and it’s not even right. I have yet to do the actual signs that aren’t part of the building. 

Signs from Tower records building.

I’m now redoing the UV maps of this building;


Middle building UV Map


It took me a while to do this one but i got the hang of it. I used planar and cylindrical mapping. 


Right hand side building – I didn’t do this one very well either i’m not sure how to do the parts that go in. But it’ll do for now until I work that out. 


Left building – again didn’t sort of the small pieces

CS – Motorbike Update









It’s getting somewhere. I dread the UV Mapping of this though…I don’t really know how i’m going to do it if I even get to that is…

This is what it looked like before I added in extra things such as the handle bars, chain, number plate, lights and exhaust.


As you can see between the rendered images, it’s getting better and it has a bit more of proper shape. I’m modelling the extra parts within the scene so I haven’t saved them separately. I also updated the wheels a bit, they have a ring around them which is more prominent just to add a bit more detail to them.


I tried to add more detail to the front but I’m kind of finding this hard to do due to my topology….



Top View so far

I messed this up in my opinion and I should have finished this ages ago. It’s my fault for leaving it this late and not being able to spend as much time as I should  have on it. So I don’t think I’m going to be able UV Wrap everything on this.



I think I’ve done too much on the one piece for the body. I should have done this in pieces like I was told too. The only pieces that are done separately is the wheels, handles and lights etc. 


All the pieces I’ve modelled separately


Top view 


CS – Concept Art – City Scape Digital


Rough Mock up of what I want it to look like

I started to put together my drawings with a photo my mum took of New York at night. Below is the images I used to create the piece above.

I then started to play about with it more and change things about it and clean it up.


1st Ver – added in white blocks for signs, reflected the first layer of buildings into water and used the liquefy tool. Cleaned up the marker drawings and removed their sky.


2nd – Added in two buildings at the front based on a sketch I done. I also used the same glowing sphere on both sides rather than two different ones because I feel like there could be a bridge here. I’ll play about with this idea.


3rd – Changed the overall colour to a purple shade.


The sketch I’m basing this piece on


4th – Added in a rough road to see if it would suit the image. I kind of really like this so far and I think I might keep the road in it. I just need to make it more like a bridge.


I made a bridge in maya but I really didn’t like it much I feel like a flatter one would work better. I forgot to save the file of the bridge in maya but I still have a rendered version of it. I’m not keeping this in the final because it just doesn’t suit it at all. 


I added in clouds and the moon and added a blue tint to in between the two layers of building to give the impression of there being lights in between streets.


added the sky into the reflection on the water


Fixed up the road and changing the windows on the buildings. Originally I copied the ones from my hand drawn thing but I didn’t like the looks of those on the buildings in the background so I used a rectangle brush instead. 


I’ve adjusted the water to be a bit more blue, i’m not sure if i’ll keep this way or not but I kind of like it so far. 


While playing around with colours, this happened. I kind of like how it is but I sadly won’t be keeping it this way. It’s also an older version (I didn’t save this nice light purple version as PSD) so I can’t go back to it. Sort of makes me think of this as what it would be like during the day only with lighter buildings.


I changed the direction of the two middle buildings. I’m not sure which way I like them. 

CS – Getting up off a chair Animation

I decided to that for the body mechanics part of the Animation assignment I would do a character getting up off a chair.

I had a go at trying this out for myself and working out what kind of poses were needed. I would record myself but I don’t really like doing that kind of thing so i’ll just be acting it out in my room.

This is what I have so far;

It’s 32 frames long at the minute and for each pose there is about 4 frames inbetween. I have no idea if this is right or not but I like it so far. I’m find this easier than the run cycle. At the minute I have just got the main poses down. I’m now going to work on getting the arms pushing her up off the chair.

I fixed up the arms a bit as well as the hands but I think the hands/fingers need worked on more since they go through her legs.

I continued work on and this is it so far. I want to make the elbows go out a bit when she’s pushing herself up but I’m having trouble finding out which part of the rig to use to move them out the way.

I asked Natalie again for some feedback on it and this is what she said;

“A bit stiff when she’s getting up. Have a bit more of a pause as she leans forward, getting anticipation to the standing pose. When she leans forward, bring her elbows out a bit from her sides.”

I’m now going to work on the things she said and anything else I think needs done.

I tried to make the elbows come out a bit more but I don’t know if you really notice it much.

I went back and worked on it a bit more and here is three videos at different angles.

I think i’m getting somewhere with this one.

I tried to fix it up more but I ended up messing up the hand and I think I need to redo all the hand key frames because they’re not right now…I was trying to get the hand pushing up off her thighs but I ended up making the hand turn around.

I deleted all the key frames and had a go again but I still can’t get the hands the way I want them to. I’m find this rig hard to use because I can only rotate the arms. I’m of sad that I can’t get it right because I’m trying the best I can but I guess i’m just not really having much luck with it.

CS – Run Cycle Attempt 2

I decided to restart my run cycle. I used this image from The Animator’s Survival kit;

This was to help me get the poses right. I attempted to make it and do the next part of it.

This is what I got;

It’s not great yet since I know the timing isn’t right but i’m going to go fix that up now to see if I can get it so it’s not super fast.

I haven’t fixed up the timing yet but this is just an updated version

3/4 View of it

I really don’t think animating is for me…i don’t really understand timing and where to put things on frames etc…Doesn’t matter how many times I try to read the Animator’s survival kit, I still don’t really understand it.

I went back and fixed up the hands and hips/shoulders a bit. I still don’t really know how I can fix the timing…I don’t really want to mess up my run cycle.  (Probably can’t see the changes since it’s too fast)