New Showreel

I’ve added in the things from my project with Sixteen South and my paper toy Minho.

I did want to add in the wireframe renders of the 360 models but I still can’t get it right so that’s something I definitely need to work on.


Making a paper toy Minho – 16th April 16

This is irrelevant to what we’re doing but I made him for the fun of it since I haven’t really touched maya an awful lot. SM Entertainment released these paper toy things last year with EXO and SHINee members and so I wanted to make one in maya because it seemed like a pretty easy thing to model. I made this right after the interviews so I wasn’t able to include it in my showreel but I think I want to maybe try rigging him over the summer and then animating him with the 2D face rig because that’s something I’ve never done before and it seems like it could be a useful thing for my showreel in the future.

I modelled a similar shape then I made the textures for him. The screenshots below are the progress of making him.

The outfit isnt the same as the one his paper toy is wearing because I wanted to make my own one so I looked up Minho’s outfit from their Married to the music music video and used this image as a reference:

So after UV mapping the model I made a simplified version of his outfit below is all my coloured UV maps and the different versions I made due to not placing things in the right areas. I know I should be joining the pieces together but for some reason I didn’t maybe because I done like at 1 in the morning…:

Finished Rendered 360 view of him (with his line in Married to the Music):

Making my showreel

Making a showreel for myself is going to be the hardest thing for me to do even harder than the interview. I have very little animation work and I don’t have an awful lot of decent models…This is my own fault for having little interest last year and just not really being one to want to do things in my own time that’s using maya.

First things first I had to go through my models that I’ve made. I decided to only use my most recent ones because the things I made last year (1st year) aren’t really that great and I didn’t want to put them in. So I used only the models I made for last semester’s modelling project and my concept art project.

I decided to have them rendered out in this colour scheme:

I decided to include my “Frojo” building, the main shopping centre building, my tower records inspired building and my motorbike.

When it came to rendering out a 360 view of these I didn’t realise the settings in maya were set to stepped animation so when it finished rendering and I put it all together the result was not what I was expecting…so I had to rerender each of the models again. I also realised in one of my renders that there was little light in it so it wasn’t bright as the rest:

Below is an example of what happened when I was making the fly through for my Neo Tokyo city:

I decided to not include this city in the end anyway but I managed to fix up the animation problem for the camera moving through my other city so it turned out like this:

Here’s the better versions of my turn arounds for the models I chose:

I was going to include 360 turnarounds of the models with their wireframe on but when it came to rendering it out I just got these really thick black lines that weren’t the wireframe at all. I tried the maya vector way just to see what it was like but since it was a lot of triangles rather than the actual wireframe I didn’t use it. The tutorial I used was one on the Digital Tutors blog -> The cartoon shader version just wasn’t working for me I wasn’t getting the whole wireframe it was only putting a black outline around certain areas maybe i’m doing something wrong i’m not sure but I followed the whole tutorial exactly. Below is an image of the maya vector version:


I used “vaporwave” music for my showreel because there’ isn’t a lot of singing in it and because it has the whole Neo Tokyo feel to me. Music I used:

At one point I thought that I could use my NCT rotoscope animation and create an opening that went with the music that had my “Sehun” character walking through a Neo Tokyo like backstreet. I made this short animation in photoshop by finding an image online *temporarily until I made a new background* and adding it to the background of my frames. I then traced over each image and coloured it in so the end result was this:test2.gif

However; this was taking me ages to do and I didn’t have an awful lot of time left so I stopped doing this and decided to just leave it out of my showreel. I did make a test version with it included though!

After looking at the multiple showreels we’ve seen in class ( I knew I had to make something for the start which had my name and details so people could contact me. I seen Sorcha’s showreel(below, left) and I was inspired by her opening title with all the details and a little drawing of herself so I made myself one (right):

Mine isn’t as cool as hers since hers leads into in her showreel while mine is just a black background. I also made a similar one for the end because in class Greg said about also having your details at the very end so the people watching it don’t have to go back to the start.

For the concept art section of my showreel I was going to have the parallax effect I separated all the layers and such but in the end I had no idea how to do it. I was using after effects but I wasn’t sure how to make it look like its layered…in the end I had a go at adding a raining effect onto the first piece of art since it was raining. I did try to match up the rain with the rain effect the best I could:

The pieces I used in my showreel:

Animation wise, I have very little animation done so I just pulled together all the animation I have done in the past animations i’ve made. The scenes I animated were super short and nothing special. I used two scenes from TOASTED and the opening scene of Pain in the Neck which I helped with the animating of the giraffe coming in. I was going to include the animations I done last semester of my walk cycles and getting up from a chair but they weren’t great and I didn’t really have time to sit and fix them up so they looked better.

Version 1 – This version of my showreel had my walk cycle at the end but I decided to remove it because it just wasn’t good enough and I didn’t have it rendering out nicely like everyone else had:

Final Showreel: