Final Portfolio Pages



Making my physical art portfolio – Part 2

I decided that at this point I need to start actually putting together the pages and choosing the final pieces to put into my portfolio. I looked through my old stuff from last year and I found nothing that was actually good. I did like my portfolio from the first semester of first year but I felt that the art within it was not suitable for my new portfolio.

Here is a screenshot of the pages I made for first year:


I had these all printed out on really good paper and I was considering on using the first image but I decided not to because I don’t really like it now even though that was the best piece I done last year…I was also going to consider putting in the life drawing work that I did this year (only once since I only got to go once which is sad because I really enjoy life drawing and I don’t really like drawing in public so I can’t do it in my own time).

I wanted to make my pages look somewhat similar to these but much nicer and not overcrowded. The Feng Zhu video said about letting the art work be able to breathe so I’m not going to add a ton of smaller pieces to one page, i’m going to keep it to at least one drawing per page except for the character design pages i’m going to put together. I kind of want to show the progress of them on one page.

I decided to include all of my digital pieces of art I made for Neo Tokyo as well as my two streets I modelled for last semester which are also to do with Neo Tokyo. I’m going to include some models in it too because I don’t know if i’m going to be able to make a showreel since I lack a lot of stuff for it too…

You can see my final pages here:

Also a video of it:


Making my physical art portfolio – Very long post! – Part 1

Over the course of this semester I started to take making my portfolio a bit more seriously after watching the video made by Feng Zhu school (  I sort of realised I was lacking a lot art for someone who was considering doing concept art/visual development.

Even though i’ve done a reasonable amount of art over the past two years I haven’t made an awful of work that was good enough to be in a portfolio. I found it hard to find really good pieces of art…if this portfolio was to include my pieces of art I’ve made in the past I’d have a ton of prints I could put in there and photos of paintings I’ve done etc but it isn’t so it’s hard to gather reasonable stuff. This sort of put me off to be honest because it made me feel like i’m not really meant to be in the art side of the animation industry  since most of the art I make in my own time isn’t even related (in my opinion…it is mainly “fanart” of my favourite Korean idols and just random heads. I don’t really make concept art or anything in my spare time, it’s usually just drawings based on how I feel at the time…) I may have the stuff i’ve done with Sixteen South so far but I feel like that work isn’t very strong and doesn’t showcase the skills I have well enough.

So because of the lack of art I started to do more work on my Neo Tokyo idea I had last semester and I started build on the character designs more. I really love designing character outfits more than doing background art. I find it so much more fun and interesting to do, I’ve always had this thing for designing outfits even though i’m not the most fashionable person and I don’t keep up to date with fashion. For a few years I stopped actually drawing people’s bodies because I hated the ones I was drawing and they never looked right so this year I decided it was time to start drawing bodies again although I did kind of cheat in a way which you’ll see later on in the post. The point of doing all these pieces is to help build up my portfolio a bit more and also just to keep my Neo Tokyo project going since in the Feng Zhu video he said that some employers like to see project work and not just one off pieces.

To start off with I started drawing out my favourite character from my old character sheet (below)


He’s based on my favourite idol, Sehun. It’s sad but I feel like he has such a good appearance for making characters with. Especially with that hairstyle. He also does not dress like that at all…so that’s one thing about my character that is nothing like Sehun! Also his face is definitely not the same as you’ll see throughout my progress of drawing him.

So I started with a picture of Sehun on the 12th March 16 (because it was originally meant to be me just mucking about with photoshop as I was bored)


I can’t find the original source of this photo…It’s a fan taken one that I saved last year.

I then used this image as a reference to draw from but as you can see below it’s a bit different from the photo. I know using photos is probably a bad thing but I like to have a reference and then I change it up like I did here.


It was a sketch to test out the watercolour brushes I downloaded from Kyle T Webster. Jane Bak recommended them and when I seen the art she made with them, it made me buy the watercolour pack.

So since I started drawing him again I thought I should start to make more designs of him or at least make more detailed ones for my characters from the Neo Tokyo project. So this resulted in multiple sketches and pages of designs for two of my characters the one above and this one below;


On the 6th April I started to make cleaner versions of these two characters. It ended up being three of them but one of them I didn’t like.

I started off with the base from the old character sheet I made last semester:


I knew that the body was a bit off and wasn’t right in certain areas so I attempted to fix this a bit but I ended up just giving up and going straight to the drawing on top of it. I wanted to do my “Sehun” character first because he is the design I liked most and I just wanted a cleaner version. So I started with a really quick and slightly messy sketch (below). You can see the original base beneath the new body shape I made, I feel like this pose is much better than the original.


After I started this I decided to add some flat colours because I was going to start colouring him but I ended up moving on to sketch the red haired character instead:

I really loved the red haired guy’s face in that sketch. Oh and as you can see I cannot draw feet hence the reason why they are footless for now. I the did the same basic colouring for him too and then I started drawing another one of my characters from the old character sheet I made.


Red Haired Character with base colours.

Again I did the same process with pink haired character.

I decided to scrap the pink haired character because I just didn’t like how he was turning out so I stuck with “Sehun” and Red haired one.

I took the messy line art and the first sketch of “Sehun” and made these sheets for me to draw on top of to come up with new designs for the faces/hairstyles/clothes.

When making the costumes and hairstyles for these two characters I looked at a range of things from


Inspiration for their hairstyles came from NCT (kpop group,top two excluding the very first) and just my own imagination (bottom row).


For one the on the right I looked at my old character sheet for inspiration. For the middle one I used the clothes that Minho wore for SHINee’s album Everybody. The one on the right is just wearing normal clothes that I made up.


This sheet has my favourite design on it. The one on the left is my favourite purely because of the boots. I used the original design I had for him and added those goth inspired boots. The middle one is a mess and I really like it…the one on the right isn’t finished in this picture because I want to photoshop the boots from the one on left on top. The left isn’t a new design or anything it’s just what he’d look like without the jacket on and with a pony tail.


For the red haired character I just tried out a few different faces and hairstyles but I don’t like any of the new designs so he’s keeping the original one. (first)


He has feet!! Badly drawn feet but he finally has some! I kept his original design for the first two but for the middle one I gave accessories. The one on the left is just the big coat idea I keep using…

I also done a marker version of my red haired character in the new Winsor and Newton pigment markers. I literally only done it to see what these markers were like, I needed an excuse to use them and making a new marker version of him was my excuse!


It may not be great because I had a limited palette of 12 colours and I was getting used these markers. I find them really weird but also really good for blending.

I’ll continue this in a part two ->