Reflection on this module – Creative Enterprises

I’ve learnt a lot from this module; ranging from if I feel like this really what I should be doing to going off and trying to learn things because the speakers recommended it.  For a long time this semester during both this class and Creative Solutions I haven’t been feeling so positive about being here due to me feeling a bit like i’m not doing the right course (which also happened this time last year too). When the speakers were saying about how there’s going to be times when you need to be working really long hours and that you need to really love what you’re doing that’s when I started to really question myself, is the animation industry really where I want to be?

I have a passion for making things but more making physical things that I can touch than digital things involving computers. When researching concept artists and visual development as well as hearing from Gerard Dunleavy and the guy from Black North, I began to realise that the whole art side of animation these days seems to involve making things in maya or other softwares so you produce the work quickly to meet the deadlines etc. I’m really slow when it comes to digital painting and to be honest my digital painting skills are really not that great. I started wanting to make more digital art after looking at how good most concept artists/artists out there are but I’m terrible at coming up with ideas in my own time without a theme or a deadline to stick to. I knew I needed to do something and because of feeling like I need to improve my skills even more I actually joined a game project that’s being made by fans of my favourite Korean idol group, to do background art/concept art for the game. So I would say that this module made me push myself to start doing more digital art to try and like it a bit more.

When it came to making show reels and websites I realised that I should really start trying to do things that are more relevant in my own time and that’s why I started to continue with my Neo Tokyo project again because it’s something I like and it means I can improve my skills to then have better portfolio pieces. The interviews were really useful too. I learnt that I could actually do one and not overly panic about it beforehand, I did panic but not as much as I would have if I had to do one in the past. The guest speakers were really good even though they made me not want to do anything to do with animation at times I still liked listening to their journeys and how they got to where they are now. I feel like is a really good thing to hear because you get to see how everyone’s journeys to their “dream” jobs can sometimes be very difficult or can be kind of easy or even a mixture of both.

Overall even though there was times when I felt put off I still feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how the industry works and how different places work differently, it can take a few jobs/companies until you find your place.






Placement talk – 28th Apr 16

This week in Greg’s class he told us about placement and the requirements needed for it. We filled in the forms that they use to get in contact with us and we went through the placement guide which is on blackboard.

  • Two types of qualifications, one for studying for a year or placement
  • Placement can be done in multiple places as long as it adds up to 6 months
  • need to fill out health and safety form
  • Will be assessed on 3 things, blog/journal of everything you’ve done plus a written piece reflecting on what you’ve done, presentation and a feedback form the employers will fill out



Feedback from Interview – 21st April 16

Today we received feedback from the interviews we done last week.

My feedback:

  • Well spoken even though i’m quiet
  • Change some things in my C.V
  • Brought everything needed (I’m glad bringing everything in paid off for the interview, I always like to bring more than less.)

The changes needed on my C.V:

  • Put experience before education
  • Make the software section a bit better

Changes needed on my cover letter:

  • Put in experience
  • Talk about the company (Tailor it to the company)

I was really happy with my feedback because I wasn’t so sure if I done ok or not but going by the feedback I think I done fine.

Below is the feedback written on my actual CV I handed in last week:

Mock Interviews – 14th April 16

This week we had to do our mock interviews. Greg and a guy from Black North were interviewing me. I brought everything I thought was relevant. I was kind of panicking about it because i’m not good at these kinds of situations. I really panic and worry before doing them and i’ve never actually been to a real interview before. The only ones I’ve done are mock ones in secondary school.

I know that when I done the actual interview I did make a few mistakes because I feel like I might have downplayed myself especially when it came to the show reel because I don’t have an awful lot of animation or models. I generally don’t have an awful lot of really good work so I couldn’t really put together a show reel.


Interview Questions + Secret Talk – 7th April 16


This week we were talking about what sort of questions we could be asked at the interviews next week or any interviews we’ll attend in the future.  We were split up into small team and we had to think of 5 questions that give you the best insight into a prospective candidate. My team consisted of Natalie, Amy, Oisin, Edward and myself.

Our 5 interview Questions:

1. Why do you want to work here? 1. What do you know about our business (benefits)? 2. What makes you think you would be a good fit for this company? 3. Who inspires you and why do you like them? 4. What are your aspirations? 5. Describe yourself (in 5 words).

Greg then went around the groups and we all gave him one question each:

1. Why do you want to work here? 2. What can you do for us that other candidates cannot? 3. Give an example of a time you used your initiative in a difficult situation. 4. How would you deal with a team member you don’t get on with? 5. What is your biggest strengths/weaknesses in your workflow? 6. Where do you se yourself in 5 years? 7. Tell me about yourself.

We also went over answers that would good to use:

  • Reply showing that you have researched the company/aware of their work
  • Demonstrate accolades or when they’ve done work outside that of what they were required to do for their course.
  • Application of skills and being able to think independently.
  • Shows good communication skills and problem solving as well as a professional work ethic. Can show up candidates that will be derisive of others.
  •  Self-evaluating.
  • Shows planning, passion within the industry, how their ambitions align with the company and vision.
  •  Self-evaluating, show being concise, relevant, stay on task, opportunity to talk about yourself. The only part you can script.

Here’s some tips and advice from the presentation today:

  • The company will be hiring for a reason. A brief summary of which can usually be found in the job description, mimic the lexis used in that, and target that in the interview and reiterate how you would fit that role.
  • Try and find the rough wage for the job, so when asked in interview you don’t say anything that would either make them employ you for much less, or dismiss you because you’re expecting too much.
  • Be T shaped – broad base of knowledge with expertise in one area
  • What are you’re strengths/weaknesses? Give example of your weakness and how you have tried to improve in that area.
  • Get across your personality.
  • Try and rehearse answers to the typical questions or have good little sound bites that can be dropped into questions that weren’t expected.
  • Good Strengths:
  • Communication Team working IT Skills Good Attitude Flexibility Determination


Glenda Martin Talk – 10th March

This week we were told about how were being marked and when the interviews are. Afterwards we had a talk with the Careers Development Consultant, Glenda Martin.

This was talk was really helpful because it made me realise how I don’t really have much experience that isn’t university related. I haven’t done anything outside of University/School for years because of some personal reasons. I hope it’s not going to affect me too much but oh well. Other than not having a lot of experience her talk also informed us of some really important things to remember when going for an interview such as having a copy of your CV so you know what you put on it, being prepared and knowing information about the company that isn’t just things off their website and an interesting thing called the “elevator pitch” which i’ve never heard of. The point of this is to sell yourself in a short amount of time (as if you’re in an elevator with the CEO of a company). Apparently some companies are using this method instead of CVs since they can pick up of what kind of person you are and if you’re suitable.

She also gave us some information about what the University can do to help us she told us about the Employability Portal which I have seen before just through me browsing through the portal. But there is some useful tools on there which I did not know about and I might have a look at them some time. Glenda also told us about, I went on it and had a quick look, I think I used a website similar to this in secondary school because it has a quiz on it to help you find out what kind of job you might suit.

Glenda also talked about potential questions we may be asked such as why you chose your course, why you applied for a certain placement and why should you be chosen for the placement? (these are some of the many questions we could be asked)

Some things I wrote down:

  • What makes you stand out?
  • Tailor your CV to each job
  • CV 2 sides
  • Draw readers eye to important areas (Power verbs and action words)
  • Put things that show your interest in that area (Achievements/Interests – Not hobbies)

She left us with two help sheets for writing a CV and a personal profile. I think after this talk I need to redo my CV again.

Creative Enterprises – Laura Livingstone – 3rd March 16

This week Alec was taking the class and we had Laura Livingstone as our guest speaker on skype.

Notes from Laura’s talk

  • Armagh
  • DAT – Communications, Films and Broadcasting
  • After graduating had one day off and straight into work
  • One thing that she had to make her standout was how she could speak English and so she used this to go work in Europe (Spain and Germany) as an English speaking Production Coordinator
  • A friend suggested for her to go over to America
  • Did development work – Applying for funds to help people get their films made
  • Went to SF and got a bar job then got into the industry over there
  • When she heard about all these people working on films and stuff she asked how they’re doing that and it was through Visual Effects
  • Applied for a Visual Effects job even though she had no knowledge of it
  • She didn’t know anything about visual effects and the company (ILM) told her to go away and learn some things
  • Went to film school in SF to learn about post production
  • Worked on Iron Man – first big movie-
  • Going to LA would have helped her career and get her to where she wanted faster
  • How can you do it faster, better , cheaper, quicker etc? -Question VFX people are asked alot
  • work TV epsiodic stuff – Fast and Crazy
  • Now currently at NTropic
  • Keep calm when it comes to difficult deadlines

Alec asked her how long it took for her to realise how long things would take

She said that each company was different in the way of getting things done especially between Large and smaller companies. Also a lot experimenting. Take a few weeks/days to work out how long certain projects to take.

Asked about the skills needed production manger – organised, communication skills, software used by people etc

Always communicate with teams especially when it comes to deadlines and make sure everyone knows what’s going on

Persistence pays off – if done right and in a nice way

Talked about women in the industry and how there is more women getting into it

No specific way of getting into this industry since everyone comes in from different areas

Again location is important and certain areas may be better for jobs

Useful to see how everyone works – company wise

Feedback – Just accept that others will have their own vision of how it should look and that sometimes things you make maybe not be what they pictured and youll need to redo it

Laura Livingstone’s description from the VFX summit website:

Laura is a Los Angeles based VFX Producer and currently works at Zoic Studios overseeing VFX for Banshee (HBO/Cinemax), Arrow (CW Network/Warner Bros), The Bridge (FX), White Collar (Fox) and Flash (CW Network/Warner Bros).

Laura made the transition from physical production to post and VFX in 2009 when she took a post with Industrial, Light and Magic to work on Iron Man 2. Since then Laura has worked on a host of projects from game cinematics, commercials, TV shows to feature films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Flight, Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy, Looper, Underworld Awakening, A Good Day to Die Hard.

Laura is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and a founding member of The Irish VFX & Animation Summit.



Creative Enterprises – Websites and talk with Jamie Baker – 25th Feb 16

This week we were to show Greg our websites for ourselves. I did have one made but I was too shy to send him it because I just felt like it wasn’t good enough since I don’t have a show reel or anything for my models up yet.

Can find it here: ( I have a post dedicated to the making of it here -> )

Edward, Sorcha, Molly and Katie showed us their websites and I really liked Katie’s she has a lot of stuff on there and her work in general is just really interesting. Greg also gave some advice for our websites, link to your blog, make the resume downloadable, save for web (artwork).

We then had the talk with Jamie Baker. Although I wasn’t as hyped as everyone else the talk was still very helpful. I felt like I could relate to him since i’m not really into using computers for animation. I feel like storyboarding could be something I might be interested in but I know very little about it and I often find it hard to do.

  • Freelance storyboard artist (Nemo, inside out, walle, up etc)
  • currently freelance screenwriter
  • Australian
  • entered the animation industry at 17
  • worked with toei (japan) Disney and pixar
  • works on comics in his spare time


Creative Enterprises – Karin Cooper – 18th Feb 2015

Today we were looking at the CVs each of have made. My group was made up of Natalie, Amy, Oisin, Stephen and Myself. We made a big CV compiling everything into one, we tried to make our person seem like they were really good but we kind of knew we were overdoing it.

Here’s our massive CV with pieces of things from each of us:

Screenshot 2016-03-22 20.15.56 Screenshot 2016-03-22 20.16.02 Screenshot 2016-03-22 20.16.06

Later on in the day we had a talk with Karin Cooper.

  • She’s from Germany and she works for ILM as a creature supervisor in San Francisco
  • She studied Graphic Design in Germany 5 Years – Focused on 3D
  • was in a compressed workstation where the people wouldn’t share the information
  • Suggests to do an internship – she done an internship after she left – Foot in the door in the industry, in real production environment, learned a lot from being there
  • She was able to finish her studies and go back to the company
  • She’s worked for multiple companies before heading to America
  • She sent out several CVs to multiple countries
  • She wrote to a company after hearing about an internship but she wanted a proper job instead so after sending the letter they wanted her showreel and then they invited her over for an interview. She got hired.
  • So far from her talk I’ve learnt that it’s important to keep trying even if you don’t hear anything back because eventually you’ll get a response from someone. I think this is really important since this year i’m supposed to find placement and it is likely that a lot of them will turn me down.
  • She got laid off and again, had to quickly find a new job again since she was in America.
  • Kept calling ILM and seeing if they had any jobs.
  • Need to be open to feedback. Be Patient if it doesn’t turn out right the first time
  • Dailies (Meetings in morning) meet up with everyone and talk about the work

ILM showreel:


Creative Enterprises – Websites + Gavin Moran -11th Feb 16

This week we continued with showing off the Showreels we found.  Ours was shown this week and we found that it wasn’t as great as we hoped Marco Izzoi’s was really long and repetitive so it wasn’t as good as others. We also looked at websites this week, there was some really cool websites shown specifically the one made like a game.

Below are the websites that I found that I liked the most. Art related with no animation because I wanted to look at ones that would suit me better since i’m not much of an animator.

Jane Bak -

I really liked the layout of Jane’s website because it’s very simple and not hard to use either. It showcases her work well and I think I might try to do something similar with my website especially since her’s is mainly showing off her environment art.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.25.37

First Page is her Illustrations

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.25.55

Storyboard Art

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.26.04

Sketchbook pages

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.26.10

Contact Details

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.26.16



Erika Horváth Gáborovna –

I really like her art work but I found her wesbite to not be as good as Jane Bak’s because of how her Bio and Contact pages were laid out. Her website is made using tumblr so maybe thats why it’s not as good as Jane Bak’s. I found that tumblr is hard to use website wise unless you know how to code yourself a the theme/layout of it. I didn’t really like the themes they had on tumblr so that’s why i’m considering on using somewhere else to make my website.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.27.48

First Page of her website

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.55

This page has all the projects she’s worked on

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.13

Her photography showing that she is interested in this

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.26

Her art work which is a collection of fanart of EXO and her own drawings

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.34

Her Bio which is also her CV but you don’t know this because you have to scroll down a lot to get to that and it’s awkward to read.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.42

Not much on this page.

This is just a collection of other websites I had a look at when I was researching wesbites:

Gavin Moran Talk

  • Born in Dublin
  • Early 90s Green card for USA
  • Year of Portfolio Prep – 2 years in Dunleary
  • Was a traditional Animator
  • First Job cd rom company – platform games – disney games
  • Picked up by another company
  • Worked on portfolio at home to be part of the CG department at Disney because after seeing Toy Story he knew that CGI was the way to go with Animation (got the job as Inbetweener – 2 Years)
  • Game Company Insomniac – Sypro -> Went another company because he wasn’t into rigging and modelling etc
  • Not good to stay somewhere where it’s easy – plan what you actually want to do
  • Sony Pictures – Stuart Little 2/Senior Animator – Spiderman Previz, very detailed work and could have been used in the movie, most the previz would be thrown away
  • Went to Dreamworks – Sharktale – didnt really like working here
  • Back to Sony – Open Season, Surf’s Up, Alice in Wonderland,Beowulf
  • When the producers start coming that’s usually a bad thing
  • He was made a supervisor for animators – He had to make sure what the animators made were pleasing to the  producers.
  • Moved across the country and started at Epic – GoW3, DLC things
  • GDC – Demos with engines – Samaritin animation – Elemental – Kite
  • Need to be flexible with your ideas

Greg asked about the Kite animation and the brief for it.

Qualities they look for when they hire:

  • if someone turns up and theyre what youre looking for then theyll hire them
  • hire people that will get on with the rest of the people there
  • i guess they look for confident people and this sort makes me feel like im not suited because the example story he gave basically sounded like something i’d do…

“When you see a chance just go for it”

  • Annie Nomination for A Boy and His Kite

A Boy and his Kite

For next week we’ve to have a look at C.V’s.