Reflection on this module – Creative Enterprises

I’ve learnt a lot from this module; ranging from if I feel like this really what I should be doing to going off and trying to learn things because the speakers recommended it.  For a long time this semester during both this class and Creative Solutions I haven’t been feeling so positive about being here due to me feeling a bit like i’m not doing the right course (which also happened this time last year too). When the speakers were saying about how there’s going to be times when you need to be working really long hours and that you need to really love what you’re doing that’s when I started to really question myself, is the animation industry really where I want to be?

I have a passion for making things but more making physical things that I can touch than digital things involving computers. When researching concept artists and visual development as well as hearing from Gerard Dunleavy and the guy from Black North, I began to realise that the whole art side of animation these days seems to involve making things in maya or other softwares so you produce the work quickly to meet the deadlines etc. I’m really slow when it comes to digital painting and to be honest my digital painting skills are really not that great. I started wanting to make more digital art after looking at how good most concept artists/artists out there are but I’m terrible at coming up with ideas in my own time without a theme or a deadline to stick to. I knew I needed to do something and because of feeling like I need to improve my skills even more I actually joined a game project that’s being made by fans of my favourite Korean idol group, to do background art/concept art for the game. So I would say that this module made me push myself to start doing more digital art to try and like it a bit more.

When it came to making show reels and websites I realised that I should really start trying to do things that are more relevant in my own time and that’s why I started to continue with my Neo Tokyo project again because it’s something I like and it means I can improve my skills to then have better portfolio pieces. The interviews were really useful too. I learnt that I could actually do one and not overly panic about it beforehand, I did panic but not as much as I would have if I had to do one in the past. The guest speakers were really good even though they made me not want to do anything to do with animation at times I still liked listening to their journeys and how they got to where they are now. I feel like is a really good thing to hear because you get to see how everyone’s journeys to their “dream” jobs can sometimes be very difficult or can be kind of easy or even a mixture of both.

Overall even though there was times when I felt put off I still feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how the industry works and how different places work differently, it can take a few jobs/companies until you find your place.






Updated Website

I went back and updated my website so it has my better pieces of work on it as you can see below:

For the concept art section I added in one extra piece that I made for the Frankie and Doris project with Sixteen South.


For the character designs section I added in the pages I made for my physical portfolio and I also took away the toast ones because they’re not as good as these.


My Showreel has also been updated so it’s different now.


I have also updated the models section



Making a paper toy Minho – 16th April 16

This is irrelevant to what we’re doing but I made him for the fun of it since I haven’t really touched maya an awful lot. SM Entertainment released these paper toy things last year with EXO and SHINee members and so I wanted to make one in maya because it seemed like a pretty easy thing to model. I made this right after the interviews so I wasn’t able to include it in my showreel but I think I want to maybe try rigging him over the summer and then animating him with the 2D face rig because that’s something I’ve never done before and it seems like it could be a useful thing for my showreel in the future.

I modelled a similar shape then I made the textures for him. The screenshots below are the progress of making him.

The outfit isnt the same as the one his paper toy is wearing because I wanted to make my own one so I looked up Minho’s outfit from their Married to the music music video and used this image as a reference:

So after UV mapping the model I made a simplified version of his outfit below is all my coloured UV maps and the different versions I made due to not placing things in the right areas. I know I should be joining the pieces together but for some reason I didn’t maybe because I done like at 1 in the morning…:

Finished Rendered 360 view of him (with his line in Married to the Music):

Making my physical art portfolio – Part 2

I decided that at this point I need to start actually putting together the pages and choosing the final pieces to put into my portfolio. I looked through my old stuff from last year and I found nothing that was actually good. I did like my portfolio from the first semester of first year but I felt that the art within it was not suitable for my new portfolio.

Here is a screenshot of the pages I made for first year:


I had these all printed out on really good paper and I was considering on using the first image but I decided not to because I don’t really like it now even though that was the best piece I done last year…I was also going to consider putting in the life drawing work that I did this year (only once since I only got to go once which is sad because I really enjoy life drawing and I don’t really like drawing in public so I can’t do it in my own time).

I wanted to make my pages look somewhat similar to these but much nicer and not overcrowded. The Feng Zhu video said about letting the art work be able to breathe so I’m not going to add a ton of smaller pieces to one page, i’m going to keep it to at least one drawing per page except for the character design pages i’m going to put together. I kind of want to show the progress of them on one page.

I decided to include all of my digital pieces of art I made for Neo Tokyo as well as my two streets I modelled for last semester which are also to do with Neo Tokyo. I’m going to include some models in it too because I don’t know if i’m going to be able to make a showreel since I lack a lot of stuff for it too…

You can see my final pages here:

Also a video of it:


Making my physical art portfolio – Very long post! – Part 1

Over the course of this semester I started to take making my portfolio a bit more seriously after watching the video made by Feng Zhu school (  I sort of realised I was lacking a lot art for someone who was considering doing concept art/visual development.

Even though i’ve done a reasonable amount of art over the past two years I haven’t made an awful of work that was good enough to be in a portfolio. I found it hard to find really good pieces of art…if this portfolio was to include my pieces of art I’ve made in the past I’d have a ton of prints I could put in there and photos of paintings I’ve done etc but it isn’t so it’s hard to gather reasonable stuff. This sort of put me off to be honest because it made me feel like i’m not really meant to be in the art side of the animation industry  since most of the art I make in my own time isn’t even related (in my opinion…it is mainly “fanart” of my favourite Korean idols and just random heads. I don’t really make concept art or anything in my spare time, it’s usually just drawings based on how I feel at the time…) I may have the stuff i’ve done with Sixteen South so far but I feel like that work isn’t very strong and doesn’t showcase the skills I have well enough.

So because of the lack of art I started to do more work on my Neo Tokyo idea I had last semester and I started build on the character designs more. I really love designing character outfits more than doing background art. I find it so much more fun and interesting to do, I’ve always had this thing for designing outfits even though i’m not the most fashionable person and I don’t keep up to date with fashion. For a few years I stopped actually drawing people’s bodies because I hated the ones I was drawing and they never looked right so this year I decided it was time to start drawing bodies again although I did kind of cheat in a way which you’ll see later on in the post. The point of doing all these pieces is to help build up my portfolio a bit more and also just to keep my Neo Tokyo project going since in the Feng Zhu video he said that some employers like to see project work and not just one off pieces.

To start off with I started drawing out my favourite character from my old character sheet (below)


He’s based on my favourite idol, Sehun. It’s sad but I feel like he has such a good appearance for making characters with. Especially with that hairstyle. He also does not dress like that at all…so that’s one thing about my character that is nothing like Sehun! Also his face is definitely not the same as you’ll see throughout my progress of drawing him.

So I started with a picture of Sehun on the 12th March 16 (because it was originally meant to be me just mucking about with photoshop as I was bored)


I can’t find the original source of this photo…It’s a fan taken one that I saved last year.

I then used this image as a reference to draw from but as you can see below it’s a bit different from the photo. I know using photos is probably a bad thing but I like to have a reference and then I change it up like I did here.


It was a sketch to test out the watercolour brushes I downloaded from Kyle T Webster. Jane Bak recommended them and when I seen the art she made with them, it made me buy the watercolour pack.

So since I started drawing him again I thought I should start to make more designs of him or at least make more detailed ones for my characters from the Neo Tokyo project. So this resulted in multiple sketches and pages of designs for two of my characters the one above and this one below;


On the 6th April I started to make cleaner versions of these two characters. It ended up being three of them but one of them I didn’t like.

I started off with the base from the old character sheet I made last semester:


I knew that the body was a bit off and wasn’t right in certain areas so I attempted to fix this a bit but I ended up just giving up and going straight to the drawing on top of it. I wanted to do my “Sehun” character first because he is the design I liked most and I just wanted a cleaner version. So I started with a really quick and slightly messy sketch (below). You can see the original base beneath the new body shape I made, I feel like this pose is much better than the original.


After I started this I decided to add some flat colours because I was going to start colouring him but I ended up moving on to sketch the red haired character instead:

I really loved the red haired guy’s face in that sketch. Oh and as you can see I cannot draw feet hence the reason why they are footless for now. I the did the same basic colouring for him too and then I started drawing another one of my characters from the old character sheet I made.


Red Haired Character with base colours.

Again I did the same process with pink haired character.

I decided to scrap the pink haired character because I just didn’t like how he was turning out so I stuck with “Sehun” and Red haired one.

I took the messy line art and the first sketch of “Sehun” and made these sheets for me to draw on top of to come up with new designs for the faces/hairstyles/clothes.

When making the costumes and hairstyles for these two characters I looked at a range of things from


Inspiration for their hairstyles came from NCT (kpop group,top two excluding the very first) and just my own imagination (bottom row).


For one the on the right I looked at my old character sheet for inspiration. For the middle one I used the clothes that Minho wore for SHINee’s album Everybody. The one on the right is just wearing normal clothes that I made up.


This sheet has my favourite design on it. The one on the left is my favourite purely because of the boots. I used the original design I had for him and added those goth inspired boots. The middle one is a mess and I really like it…the one on the right isn’t finished in this picture because I want to photoshop the boots from the one on left on top. The left isn’t a new design or anything it’s just what he’d look like without the jacket on and with a pony tail.


For the red haired character I just tried out a few different faces and hairstyles but I don’t like any of the new designs so he’s keeping the original one. (first)


He has feet!! Badly drawn feet but he finally has some! I kept his original design for the first two but for the middle one I gave accessories. The one on the left is just the big coat idea I keep using…

I also done a marker version of my red haired character in the new Winsor and Newton pigment markers. I literally only done it to see what these markers were like, I needed an excuse to use them and making a new marker version of him was my excuse!


It may not be great because I had a limited palette of 12 colours and I was getting used these markers. I find them really weird but also really good for blending.

I’ll continue this in a part two ->

Fixed C.V – 24th April 16

I made the adjustments to my C.V and Cover letter with the feedback I got from Greg ( I didn’t change the software  bit because I need to think of a better way of showing that information so I’m going to do some research and find out other ways of showing my knowledge in that area.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 17.11.03.png

I decided to write my letter to Sixteen South since I’m currently working with them and I might be able to get a placement with them since they now have room to take people in, have already said to us about finding places where we might be able to fit in. It might not be great yet but when I have more time i’ll adjust it more so it sounds better.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 17.14.13.png


Cover Letter and C.V

In the past I have made a cover letter and C.V but I haven’t touched them since. Plus my C.V isn’t tailored to the animation industry, it was made back in secondary school and I only ever adjusted it for two jobs I applied for (but never got…) and there is a lot of information in mine.

The next few pieces of advice are for general Cover letters.

Cover Letter Advice from Prospects (, 11 Rules for Cover Letters;

  • be concise and to the point -one side of A4
  • use  quality white paper to print it out on
  • include a named contact to show it’s for them (personalised to them)
  • Make your skills relate to the job you’re applying for and make them want to meet you
  • Proofread and make sure there’s no mistakes.
  • Tailor it to the company
  • The layout of the page should be clear and easy to read
  • Make sure key details about the company are right
  • Take out unnecessary words
  • If you email it put the cover letter in the actual email instead of an attachment
  • Try not to use cliches/waffle

Example of a cover letter from their website:

Screenshot 2016-05-12 20.36.08.png

Advice from (

1. Always send one!
2. Don’t rewrite your CV
3. First paragraph and last line
4. Talk about the company
5. Provide quality evidence of your qualities
6. Reflect your personality
7. Relevant and brief
8. Contact details
9. Sign the letter
10. Neatness/ presentation

Animation Cover Letters: – This is pretty useful since it’s a recent graduates advice.

While searching for animation cover letters I found this blog post which is about a Siggraph presentation where Palmela Kleibrick talks about how to market yourself and stuff; . Within the blog post they talk about ways to make your C.V and advice on cover letters. I thought it was a pretty interesting read.

My cover letter:


This is a collection of websites I looked at for C.V help/templates to get rough idea of what they look like and what it the layout should look like;

There’s quite range of C.Vs there and they’re all done quite differently so I have a lot ideas about what way to make mine. A lot of them seem to have their resume on their website as well as having a downloadable PDF version so this is something for me to consider when making my website.

In the images below is my very first C.V which I haven’t touched since then because I just haven’t applied for jobs due to personal reasons. After reading all this information and the talk with Glenda Martin I knew my old C.V wasn’t done very well at all but then again this was made back in secondary school and we didn’t search for advice we just had to use a template they gave us. You can see it’s just full of words and personally I feel like no one would ever want to read that and there’s a lot of information in it that isn’t relevant.

So for my new one I cut this all down a lot. I also added in a section about my knowledge with certain softwares because I seen on a few animation C.Vs they would mention the software they know some would also say how competent they are with it.

After looking at the presentation of some of my class mates C.Vs I kind of knew I couldn’t just have all text and no design to it so I added the line across the top to split my personal information from the information about my experience etc . Here’s my first draft of my C.V;

Screenshot 2016-05-12 20.48.29.png

Second draft/Final version:

I moved the experience because I wasn’t so sure if my experience was really that good since I haven’t had any proper jobs.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 20.48.42.png



Placement talk – 28th Apr 16

This week in Greg’s class he told us about placement and the requirements needed for it. We filled in the forms that they use to get in contact with us and we went through the placement guide which is on blackboard.

  • Two types of qualifications, one for studying for a year or placement
  • Placement can be done in multiple places as long as it adds up to 6 months
  • need to fill out health and safety form
  • Will be assessed on 3 things, blog/journal of everything you’ve done plus a written piece reflecting on what you’ve done, presentation and a feedback form the employers will fill out