Personal – Sehun Rotoscope Animation – I never finished it.

Once EXO announced their comeback I got hyped and decided to make a rotoscope animation of only Sehun doing to the dances to all their songs so far (Songs being one or two from each album/mini album) You’ll how the quality of each video varies and this affected me attempting to rotoscope a lot. I was using photoshop to do it in. I compiled a collection of videos, their actual music videos and dance practices/live versions on tv shows. I then made a video compiling each of the songs into the order I wanted as well as choosing the most suitable section of dancing from each:

I then took each song imported the video to photoshop and traced over only Sehun’s parts. The first one, MAMA, is a mess and I wish they had better quality videos of the dance!!! History was slightly better quality and you can tell by my drawings.

Ok after that I actually moved onto growl…I skipped a few songs purely because I didn’t want to deal with the horrible quality again…

I then put what I had together because I got a bit fed up with it and my hand did not appreciate the thousands of frames it had ahead of it so i’ve left it at that:


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