Perhaps I had too many Ideas?

I ended up giving myself too many things to look at during my placement year and this led to me having research in perhaps too many different areas and some areas having more than others. I’ve been told in the past how I often have too many ideas and that I should have stuck to one and once again that has happened.

I found so many different aspects of school to be interesting and it led me more into looking at Art therapy and classroom assistants purely because that’s what my role became within the school. Β I was supposed to go more into the teaching side of things but I guess I lost track over the months I was there, so I would like to apologise if my research is perhaps all over the place or not making an awful lot of sense at times.

I feel like I forgot the main points I should have been looking at to begin with such as animation and education, do I want to be a teacher? etc… I would probably say that I lost track due to the fact I was enjoying what I was doing so much that I forgot I was on placement year.


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