Personal Stuff – Aqua + Green Sketchbook

I’ve worked on multiple sketchbooks over the past year and in this post i’ll be talking about my most recent ones. One being an A5 Aqua sketchbook and the other being an A4 green one.

I made a youtube video of the Aqua sketchbook which was started in November 2016 and completed in April 2017. I felt like this sketchbook played an important part in my progress of getting better at drawing boys.

I started off with the one on the left and ended with the one on the right. Ok, I didn’t do he body like I did with the first one but still I noticed an improvement in the way I draw faces and do hair.

Some other notable pieces I want to show are these;

They look familiar right? Well that’s because I’ve kept my characters from the Neo Tokyo project and I keep drawing them every so often while adjusting their appearance with my ever changing way of drawing. The painting on the left is the final version of the sketch on the right. I personally preferred the sketch but I always do…I feel like when I do “final” versions they lose something about them.

Just in case you don’t recognise the two guys here’s an old example of them:


Another piece I wish to highlight is this one here;

I felt that this sketch was the turning point of my drawing in the Aqua sketchbook, it was the drawing that made my faces seem to improve after it. Above you can see the two other versions I did of the sketch. I personally really like the one in the middle because of the hair.

I would also like to point out how much I’ve changed with this old watercolour piece and a small sketch I done in my Aqua sketchbook of Sehun (Yes he’s a recurring guy in it but I don’t just draw him I promise!!)


One last one I’d like to point out is this:


I just really like how I managed to fill two pages with a pretty decent watercolour piece of my favourite guy, Sehun.

Once the Aqua sketchbook was completed I moved on this A4 sized one, Which features a sticker made by Amy! (cactus) and three stickers made by me of Amy, Natalie and myself! There’s no video this one yet as it’s no where near done yet!!


The big green one – one big step for me – moving onto larger paper!

I was sad enough to actually start this one on Sehun’s birthday (I know i have no life.) and since I name each of my sketchbooks this one was named after him and was ruined with an average portrait of him on the first page, it’s quite a let down I know…but ayyy always have to ruin the first page right?


Ok I moved onto something better and I tried out my pigment markers again. This time with a different guy! Chanyeol :D! (Who is also a recurring guy in my sketchbooks) I have to be honest I do enjoy the pigment markers, they’re like digital and paint so they’re quite fun to use. The sketch on the left is from my Aqua sketchbook, the sheet with the marker version was stuck into my green one.

The ones below are just some I wanted to include in this post cause why not.

I would like to point out my love of rainbow pencils:

Also, I redrew a guy from my Aqua sketchbook (I do this a lot, I like to redraw things and see how much better I’ve got). The one on the left is the original and the one on the right is the new sketch perhaps in the future I shall reattempt the original properly. I feel like my faces are getting more character to them but that’s just my opinion.

I would like to point out this piece because I hate it and how I can never recreate faces in this style again. (I only hate it because it was a one off for me and I can’t seem to draw this way again…)


Siobhan and I challenged each other to draw each others OCs. Here is my attempt at hers! I actually tried out gouache for the first time this year (2017) and I like it. I hope to get better at using it!! The first image is Siobhan’s the other two is my sketch and gouache painting.

Here’s a few more gouache things, 1 is my first go with my new Winsor & Newton Gouache, then my second go is copying a photo of Xiumin (CBX) and the final is my attempt of Magic Katio (fanart).

The Magic Kaito fanart piece leads onto my phase of Detective Conan and Magic Kaito fanart…


Next is a watercolour piece and the sketches and I done before the final version.

And again something a bit different, a large watercolour/gouache piece which is actually complete!! The sketch is much better but for once I completed a full piece.

There’s plenty more art to show but at the side of this website you can see my latest work on instagram :D!!



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