Fellow “Sassy” Geniuses – The help I gave to Natalie during Placement Year

During the year I kept in contact with Natalie and Amy through our group chat on facebook. I was able to give some of my Artistic opinions and knowledge to Natalie throughout the year on whatever she was working on. I may not be in University to see them all the time but I didn’t want to be cut off from what they were doing hence the reason we have our own group chat so we could talk to each other throughout the year and give advice when we all needed it.

Although most of the time our chat could be quite random we did have serious times were we would be asking questions about our current work or help with certain tasks we had to do.

One of these instances was when Natalie began to work with Danny on his Comic. I don’t know everything about the comic so I apologise in advance if my information clashes with Natalie/Danny’s.

In the beginning she needed some help with researching web comics and I suggested someone I follow online to get some information about the whole kickstarter process and just how she actually creates and promotes her web comic along with how she gets money from doing so. This Artist is know as Holly Brown on Youtube. She has two channels, one which is her main channel for informative tutorials and the other which is a personal vlog about her life as a web comic Artist who also attends an online Illustration degree. I felt that she was perhaps somewhat useful as during the time Natalie was researching these things Holly was in the preparation stages of getting a Kickstarter for her web comic to be turned into an actual book.

She would suggest useful information within her vlogs about the research she was doing into kickstarter, for example she suggested for people to purchase a book by another Artist who had previous successful Kickstarters for their comics. Here’s Natalie’s post about that: https://nataliehcole.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/comic-research/ 

Not only that I assisted Natalie with her research in other ways but I can’t remember all the ways in which I did so Natalie may have more information on that. I’ve been too busy with my own Placement work that the information I gave Natalie has gotten lost.

When it came to around June Natalie started working on a Poster I decided to give her some advice! I don’t know if my advice was a bad thing or not but I hope I was able to help Natalie create a decent poster. (Here’s Natalie’s post! She goes into a lot more detail than me about the feedback I gave and stuff: https://nataliehcole.wordpress.com/2017/07/02/poster-design/ )

Here are some of the things I suggested or created for Natalie to use:

Natalie will probably go more into detail with this but I would suggest things to her and she would make adjustments etc then I had a go at it but never got to finish it because I had to do my own work too!!

Here’s the progress of the poster from first version to the final:

I also made this art of us after showing Natalie EXO’s subgroup CBX:





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