Book Notes – Teaching Today; A Practical Guide Geoff Petty

The aim of these notes is to build upon the things I learnt from the previous book.

Part 1 The Learner’s Practical and Emotional needs 

How do we learn?

Psychologists believe the process of remembering involves info passing from short term memory into long term memory. Info in short term may last for few seconds while info in long time can stay for a lifetime but a lot of what passes through our brains in forgotten.

STM (short term memory)

The content of the STM is short lived and is easily displaced by new info. Important implications for the way teachers should plan their lessons.

In order to get info into LTM must first be processed and structured in the STM so that it makes sense to the pupils. Process of structuring new info takes time but it is time well spent because students find it impossible to remember something that they dont properly understand.

If student is given info too quickly no time to process it properly into stm, wont be retained. Experimenters halved their speech rate to students with learning difficulties and students retention doubled.

Try and give students as much as you can as the vital process of structuring/ giving mean to new info is demanding and time consuming.

Search for structure explains why many learners appreciate being given summaries and well organised notes.

Petty, Geoff. Teaching Today: A Practical Guide. 4th ed. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes, 2009. Print. 


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