Typed up Presentation Notes

Presentation Notes

P2W (P2H)

  • Stayed with P2W most of the time
  • Worked with one child in particular, he has autism and art/drawing helped him cope with it and calmed him down, given art time rewards (creeper painting) > Art Therapy Research
  • Working on display boards for both classes
  • Helping with general tasks such as assisting kids with their work, reading to the in their groups, staying with mangoes to explain their work to them
  • Assisting with Art activities for structured play
  • Sunflower Paintings
  • Going on trips – Making sure I keep a close eye on them all


  • Clay boats
  • Titanic Cabins and bringing in supplies, without my supplies they’d have nothing
  • Watercolour pieces (Daffodils + Spring + 5 stages paintings)
  • Titanic Videos – Introducing them to storyboarding, making storyboards for teacher to use
  • Showing them my animations I’ve helped with and also my own work I do at home
  • Portraits
  • Titanic Portraits
  • Preparing examples pieces each time I was needed
  • Making sure everyone understood what I was saying
  • Survey I made for them to tell me what they enjoyed most

Things I’ve gained or learnt from experience so far

  • More confidence thanks to teaching P7s
  • Better communication skills
  • Team working skills (Working with teachers and assistants)
  • How to cope with different types of people and learners (Useful for team work in uni)
  • Learning about fine and gross motor skills – How simple art tasks can help children with these problems
  • How art can be used as type of therapy for children with ADHD/Autism
  • How Art isn’t really a big thing within Cavehill
  • Being able to work under pressure and meet deadlines – Being given multiple art tasks to do while trying to balance that out with general work I do in the class

Anything else that may be relevant at the time or if I can think of other examples/stuff based on my time so far such as making things for other teachers like the library posters, globe, portrait of Poet/author, teaching P5s and P3s etc

Things I need to bring with me

  • Laptop + Charger
  • All three folders containing the drawings by P2W – Child C – P7 Things such as storyboards
  • Sketchbook with days typed up and photos inside
  • Portfolio containing all the large pieces I’ve worked on so far for Cavehill
  • Titanic Cabin
  • Child C’s Creeper painting
  • Personal Stuff –      Aqua Sketchbook
  • Green Sketchbook
  • Portfolio of Watercolour Pieces
  • Whatever else I feel is relevant

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