Learning Styles and Autism – Research

As there are Autistic children in my class I thought it would be appropriate to find out a bit of information about their types of learning styles because they may not be the same as those without Autism. I feel that by looking into this I can find out better ways to help those with Autism in class when they are struggling to learn new things. As i’m usually working with those children I think it would benefit me.

I found this interesting post on autism.com about learning styles and autism, I will make a few notes from it. Not all points are direct copies some are rewrote by me due to them being very long

  • people can assess their own interests and lifestyle to determine the ways in which they obtain much of their information about their environment.
  • One’s learning style may affect how well a person performs in an educational setting
  • Schools usually visual and auditory learning *
  • If you’re poor at both or one of those you may struggle to learn*
  • autistic individuals are more likely to rely on only one style of learning.
  • best way to teach could be to use all three styles together.
  • One common problem evidenced by autistic children is running around the classroom and not listening to the teacher. *This is true for the ones in my class
  • may not be an auditory learner; and thus, he/she is not attending to the teacher’s words. If the child is a kinesthetic learner, the teacher may choose to place his/her hands on the child’s shoulders and then guide the student back to his/her chair, or go to the chair and move it towards the student. If the child learns visually, the teacher may need to show the child his/her chair or hand them a picture of the chair and gesture for the child to sit down.
  • Β It’s important for teachers to work out how the child learns and try to adjust their teaching to help not only the autistic children but also the rest of the class. By adjusting to suit the autistic child it can improve their performance in class.*

*reworded by me to shorten down


Edelson PHD, Stephen M. “Learning Styles And Autism”. Autism.com. N.p., 2017. Web. 19 Apr. 2017.Β 


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