EXO Collaboration – 5 Years

A few months before it was EXO’s 5th Anniversary I put my name down for a collaboration through Intstagram which was ran by the user: https://www.instagram.com/dangerliesbeforeyou/ . Each of us got to choose one member from either their debut year/ the EXACT “era” (as they call it).

I decided to go with Sehun and the EXACT era purely because I really liked the Lucky One and Monster’s concepts.

My original sketch for my piece:


I was thinking about having Sehun hold his “Monster” self within the box he’s holding but a while later I ended up doing this sketch which I preferred more:


This then led to these(below), They’re work in progress kind of shots. I didn’t save pictures of it that often but to do this I basically just painted blobs and painted on top and sort of moulded the painting into proper shapes;

I then added in more stuff. I personally didn’t like the main face as it looks nothing like Sehun while the guy being held does so that kind of bothered me but I didn’t have time to change it or fix so I just left it the way it was and this was the final result :


Here is where you can see the person’s post about everyone else’s entries:

A while after I decided to play about with the eyes because I really loved that part of the painting:




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