Animation in Education – Research

I have touched on this within my logbook/sketchbook with the animations that the teacher uses during class but i’ll go into a bit more detail here.

My teacher tends to use youtube a lot for the children when learning something new to help supplement the  work they are doing. My teacher would first explain it to them like teacher’s usually do and depending on the topic she would show them using things such a number line. After she’s explained it she would then find a video on Youtube which will add to what she’s just taught them. For example when the children where learning how to subtract she explained the different terms that may used subtract, take away etc then she played the video When you subtract with a Pirate. This video would cater not only to the visual learners but also the auditory learners as it’s a song for them to sing along to.

She would use videos like this a lot and the kids would often enjoy these more. I would notice how the children with the learning difficulties would become very engrossed in these videos and they wouldn’t be as easily distracted as they would be if it was just the teacher standing in front of the class doing it.


Harry Kindergarden Music. (2014). When you subtract with a pirate. [Online Video]. 14 March 2014. Available from: [Accessed: 23 February 2017].

Other websites I read but didn’t reference


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