Personal Stuff During Placement Year – EXO Run This Animated MV Idea

Ok so EXO dropped a new Japanese single and once I heard one of the songs on the CD I immediately wanted to make a MV to go with it. The CD has three songs, Coming Over (Main), Run This and Tac Tix.  Run This just sounded like the perfect Neo Tokyo kind of song so it got me really hyped to come up with ideas for it. Even the cd covers for this single were kind of giving off the Neo Tokyo vibe (well to me they were). Below is a photo of the one I bought. There are 10 different covers; 9 member versions and one group version which also came with a DVD. The postcard that came with mine is the photo that’s on the group version.

EXO - Coming Over

Sehun Ver. Coming Over Japanese Single

To start off, I started by using the MV for the main song from the CD “Coming Over”. I cut it up and rearranged the shots to fit better with “Run This”.

I then moved on to writing down when each member sung because I was thinking about what kind of MV I wanted it to be. Did I want it to be one where it focused on just them singing and dancing? Or Did I want it to have more of a story to it? In the scan of my skechbook below you can see me writing down each member in the order they sing along with the idea – Akira/Neo Tokyo/ Getting ready to beat up the bad people (girls from the Lucky One MV). Along with that is two random sketches of Sehun and the girl at the top was just an idea for what the bad people in my MV idea would look like.


I then started thinking about the design/style I wanted to make it in. The main inspiration would be Anime but also Moonbeam City. I just feel like it’s a suitable style for what I want to go for but I’d need to learn Adobe Animate/Flash again…it’s been years since I’ve used it. I was thinking about EXO’s “super powers” too because if fans were to watch it they’d expect me to include the powers each member was given during their debut.**


Storyboarding is confusing and hard to do so really early one morning at the weekend I made a short animatic instead. I find it easier to “animate” and storyboard at the same time if that makes sense? probably doesn’t but I just did what I felt was easier for me. I literally made it in MS paint and spent such a short amount of time on it because I was getting tired but I had to get my ideas out or else i’d never anything to show for this idea. So apologies for naming it Trashy but to me it’s not worth getting a decent title yet.

Not only did this release get me in the mood for making a music video I also did these two pieces of Art;


The one on the left was me attempting to make a realistic Kaneda (Akira) by using Do Kyungsoo from EXO as the model. The original image I used as my reference is below. The photo of Kyungsoo is from EXO’s Lotto album that was released this year in July. As you can see I had to draw on the right hair type to suit Kaneda’s character better.


As for the other digital painting I done it was a redraw of my old Lightsaber Sehun shown below. I wanted to redraw him again because my style has changed since last year.


** When EXO first debuted they were each given a power. There was originally 12 members but now there is only 9 so their powers have slightly changed a bit. SM Entertainment keeps using these powers within some promotional things such as the teasers for their EXODUS album released in March 2015. They also used them again in the Lucky One MV. However, most of the time their powers are used in the concert videos which are played during the start and throughout the concert while they’re getting changed.


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