Personal things I worked on during Placement year – EXO x Heroes game

Since April/May last year i’ve been part of a fan made game called EXO x Heroes.

( – Our website where all the progress is posted for fans to follow)

I joined the team as 3D modeller/background artist and during the summer of last year I worked on a few things. The team isn’t super active and I generally found it hard to keep up and make things that were useful but I tried my best anyway and even if I didn’t contribute as much as others I still made a bit of an effort. I found that because all the team members are from different parts of the world it’s not as easy as just meeting up with your team in University or town. Communication is super important but at times even talking all the time online can be difficult to get your ideas across and understand their ideas too.

Here are some of the things I did over the summer for the game:

  • rocks
  • clouds
  • 3d models / 3d model ideas for areas
  • helping wikia
  • assisting leader with maya problem

Here some of the things I did:

When it came to helping out the leader this is what I did, The first two images are the problem which the leader posted about in our LINE chat the next two are then my suggestion:

At one point I stated to model things in Maya for them to get ideas for some of the cities within the game;


They aren’t great but I had a bit of fun just playing about with modelling these buildings and ended up adding in a lot of detail to them. This is definitely not a very good render but the file starting acting weird and it was doing things I didn’t want it to do so I ended up leaving it at that.


As well as modelling things in maya I went on to help out one of the background artists, wikia by fixing up one of her pieces. The first image is her original one the next two images are me adding in things such as the lights and carpet as well as the start of a new statue on the right hand side:


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