Modelling my room in Maya for Korean! – Personal Stuff

I’ve barely touched maya so when my Korean teacher asked us to draw our rooms I thought wouldn’t it be cool to just attempt to model my room in maya for it? I was going to do it traditionally but i’m not the best at doing perspective drawings and stuff so that’s how I ended up doing it all digitally.

Modelled each thing separately then added it altogether.

Screenshot 2017-06-27 21.00.48.png

I then drew over the 3d models traditionally for me to then take that into photoshop


Below is just a WIP shot of what I was doing in photoshop. I learnt a bit about the transformation tools i’ve never used before when working on this so it benefited me in a way. I learnt something new about photoshop! I was using the different transformation tools to arrange the photos I took of my own walls and photos of the posters I have from the internet, into the correct positions on my drawing.


You can tell i’m quite a fan of EXO already based on my room…I have to admit when I finished it I didn’t really want to show my Korean teacher but this was done the night before the class and I wasn’t turning up with nothing!! So I just had to accept my somewhat embarrassing room. It is also very clean in my drawing, it’s quite the opposite in real life.


Final version I sent to my Korean teacher

Below is what the final version looked like when I printed it out and gave it to the teacher to mark along with my description of it in Korean.


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