Placement – 01

Over the summer I tried a few companies; Sixteen South, Italic Pig and Coffee Box. I wasn’t successful with any of them and I began to realise that my portfolio wasn’t really strong enough and I didn’t really feel like I was ready to join a company in general.  I don’t enjoy doing things in Maya enough for me to actually want to work for a company. For a while I haven’t really been feeling super creative so I don’t really want to join a company and let them down or cause issues because i’m not feeling motivated to do anything. I could have spent my summer improving my portfolio and showreel but I struggled a lot with wondering about what I’m actually meant to do. I keep debating with myself about whether or not Animation is something I really want to do so this kind of stopped me from applying for any other studios/companies. Perhaps it’s just me lacking confidence in my work or a combination of other reasons.

I decided to do my placement in a school because I felt like it was the only suitable thing I could do and I’d be learning to become a bit more confident with being around a lot of people and having to deal with social situations which i’m really not good with. I’ve been told that there’s a few art things that they’d like me to help with in the school i’ve chosen and i’ll hopefully be able to do some animation with the children too as I’ve also been told a certain year group does a stop motion animation project at some point in the year.

I’ll be doing my placement with Cavehill Primary School. During September I went in to have a talk with Pauline Grey who is the person in charge of placement students that go to their school. She went over all the important things such as Health and Safety, what to do with children in certain situations and just general information. I also received several information booklets which I will keep in a folder for future reference, I read them that day but I think it will be good to go over them again as they go into a lot of detail about how to handle serious situations and such. I also had to apply for an AccessNI Enchanced check which I applied for back in September but due to some problems that were nothing to do with me. It got held back by the Education Authority for a long time and I only recently received the certificate. You can see in the screenshot below how long it took for me to finally be allowed to go to the school;


I will be starting properly on the 12th December 2016 and I shall be there until the end of June. Hopefully this will cover at least 6 months in total. I will be in every day from 9am – 2pm and there may be days where i’ll be in longer because of after school clubs or tasks i’ve been set to do. I look forward to the rest of the year in Cavehill Primary School as i’ll be learning a lot of things about working with a range of different people and how to co-operate with a teacher. On Monday I will be talking with Pauline again about what I should be doing so I cover everything needed to pass this year as she’s going to place me in the most suitable class.

I may not be doing an animation related placement but i’m hoping that through this year I will become more confident with myself. I won’t be abandoning Maya or anything as I have actually opened it up to do things in it but it’s nothing worth putting in my portfolio/showreel yet. I recently modelled my room for my Korean class (which i’m still taking! I’m just about to finish Level 2) and I coloured in a render of it in photoshop. I won’t be posting it here though…it’s not that great.


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