Personal things I worked on during placement year – The Pink Summer Sketchbook and more!

Since May 2016 I have been constantly working on my drawing skills and a few other things.  My main goal for the year of placement was to come back to final year not only with the knowledge and skills I’ve gotten through my placement but also better drawing skills. Drawing is something I love to do and for a long time I have always been unhappy with the progress I make. I’m a procrastinator even when it comes to things I love a lot.

I started a brand new sketchbook on the 10th June 2016 and to begin that sketchbook I started with the group I love the most, EXO. They had just released their “Exact” album around this time so I was very inspired by their newest music videos which you can see below.

I really loved the concept of both music videos but the one I enjoyed the most was the “Lucky One” however, I did more “Monster” based sketches.

I did a sketch of each member and I planned on doing it digitally but this is all I achieved of that:


Although I have to admit I spent a lot of time on Suho:

Screenshot 2017-07-04 01.09.52

More EXO Junk;  Lucky One Sehun, Chanyeol, Sehun Lucky One Stage Outfit sketches and Chanyeol Lotto heads, Sehun Lotto + My own character + Chanyeol In one sketches

I did this one here(below) in my sketchbook with watercolours and I added the Romanic Universe bit in through photoshop although the outline of it was actually done above the painting in the book.


The ones below were me drawing only in coloured ballpoint pen and colouring in the background of the pages with neon sharpies to match the pens. However, I never finished the purple one so it kind of ruined the series.

I was really into Versailles and my favourite is Philippe I so I did a sketch first then I made a large watercolour piece with it:


I was into watercolours at this point because I got myself the Winsor & Newton 45 Pan set with some money I received for working on boards at a Church in June;

I was in my Chanyeol mood around this time so I painted this and then in 2017 I redone it properly and you can see a big difference, although I may have inaccurately depicted Chanyeol:

In September I decided to make an alien dude. I had a alien phase and I got very into them and Secureteam10 on youtube was the reason for it.


Inktober came around I tried to stick to it but I didn’t so here’s what I managed:

I had a bit of a Mystic Messenger Phase at this point so this is what that produced;

Around about Oct/Nov Yuri on Ice dropped and BTS dropped the best MV, “Blood, Sweat and Tears” so that’s what these here are based on;

Below is a video I made in July 2017 because I kind of consider this sketchbook done since i’m using a green one now I see no point in returning to it unless I wish to do some what call,”ugly drawings” meaning ones I don’t care about.







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