Reflection on this module – Creative Enterprises

I’ve learnt a lot from this module; ranging from if I feel like this really what I should be doing to going off and trying to learn things because the speakers recommended it.  For a long time this semester during both this class and Creative Solutions I haven’t been feeling so positive about being here due to me feeling a bit like i’m not doing the right course (which also happened this time last year too). When the speakers were saying about how there’s going to be times when you need to be working really long hours and that you need to really love what you’re doing that’s when I started to really question myself, is the animation industry really where I want to be?

I have a passion for making things but more making physical things that I can touch than digital things involving computers. When researching concept artists and visual development as well as hearing from Gerard Dunleavy and the guy from Black North, I began to realise that the whole art side of animation these days seems to involve making things in maya or other softwares so you produce the work quickly to meet the deadlines etc. I’m really slow when it comes to digital painting and to be honest my digital painting skills are really not that great. I started wanting to make more digital art after looking at how good most concept artists/artists out there are but I’m terrible at coming up with ideas in my own time without a theme or a deadline to stick to. I knew I needed to do something and because of feeling like I need to improve my skills even more I actually joined a game project that’s being made by fans of my favourite Korean idol group, to do background art/concept art for the game. So I would say that this module made me push myself to start doing more digital art to try and like it a bit more.

When it came to making show reels and websites I realised that I should really start trying to do things that are more relevant in my own time and that’s why I started to continue with my Neo Tokyo project again because it’s something I like and it means I can improve my skills to then have better portfolio pieces. The interviews were really useful too. I learnt that I could actually do one and not overly panic about it beforehand, I did panic but not as much as I would have if I had to do one in the past. The guest speakers were really good even though they made me not want to do anything to do with animation at times I still liked listening to their journeys and how they got to where they are now. I feel like is a really good thing to hear because you get to see how everyone’s journeys to their “dream” jobs can sometimes be very difficult or can be kind of easy or even a mixture of both.

Overall even though there was times when I felt put off I still feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how the industry works and how different places work differently, it can take a few jobs/companies until you find your place.






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