Making my physical art portfolio – Part 2

I decided that at this point I need to start actually putting together the pages and choosing the final pieces to put into my portfolio. I looked through my old stuff from last year and I found nothing that was actually good. I did like my portfolio from the first semester of first year but I felt that the art within it was not suitable for my new portfolio.

Here is a screenshot of the pages I made for first year:


I had these all printed out on really good paper and I was considering on using the first image but I decided not to because I don’t really like it now even though that was the best piece I done last year…I was also going to consider putting in the life drawing work that I did this year (only once since I only got to go once which is sad because I really enjoy life drawing and I don’t really like drawing in public so I can’t do it in my own time).

I wanted to make my pages look somewhat similar to these but much nicer and not overcrowded. The Feng Zhu video said about letting the art work be able to breathe so I’m not going to add a ton of smaller pieces to one page, i’m going to keep it to at least one drawing per page except for the character design pages i’m going to put together. I kind of want to show the progress of them on one page.

I decided to include all of my digital pieces of art I made for Neo Tokyo as well as my two streets I modelled for last semester which are also to do with Neo Tokyo. I’m going to include some models in it too because I don’t know if i’m going to be able to make a showreel since I lack a lot of stuff for it too…

You can see my final pages here:

Also a video of it:



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