Making a paper toy Minho – 16th April 16

This is irrelevant to what we’re doing but I made him for the fun of it since I haven’t really touched maya an awful lot. SM Entertainment released these paper toy things last year with EXO and SHINee members and so I wanted to make one in maya because it seemed like a pretty easy thing to model. I made this right after the interviews so I wasn’t able to include it in my showreel but I think I want to maybe try rigging him over the summer and then animating him with the 2D face rig because that’s something I’ve never done before and it seems like it could be a useful thing for my showreel in the future.

I modelled a similar shape then I made the textures for him. The screenshots below are the progress of making him.

The outfit isnt the same as the one his paper toy is wearing because I wanted to make my own one so I looked up Minho’s outfit from their Married to the music music video and used this image as a reference:

So after UV mapping the model I made a simplified version of his outfit below is all my coloured UV maps and the different versions I made due to not placing things in the right areas. I know I should be joining the pieces together but for some reason I didn’t maybe because I done like at 1 in the morning…:

Finished Rendered 360 view of him (with his line in Married to the Music):


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