Cover Letter and C.V

In the past I have made a cover letter and C.V but I haven’t touched them since. Plus my C.V isn’t tailored to the animation industry, it was made back in secondary school and I only ever adjusted it for two jobs I applied for (but never got…) and there is a lot of information in mine.

The next few pieces of advice are for general Cover letters.

Cover Letter Advice from Prospects (, 11 Rules for Cover Letters;

  • be concise and to the point -one side of A4
  • use  quality white paper to print it out on
  • include a named contact to show it’s for them (personalised to them)
  • Make your skills relate to the job you’re applying for and make them want to meet you
  • Proofread and make sure there’s no mistakes.
  • Tailor it to the company
  • The layout of the page should be clear and easy to read
  • Make sure key details about the company are right
  • Take out unnecessary words
  • If you email it put the cover letter in the actual email instead of an attachment
  • Try not to use cliches/waffle

Example of a cover letter from their website:

Screenshot 2016-05-12 20.36.08.png

Advice from (

1. Always send one!
2. Don’t rewrite your CV
3. First paragraph and last line
4. Talk about the company
5. Provide quality evidence of your qualities
6. Reflect your personality
7. Relevant and brief
8. Contact details
9. Sign the letter
10. Neatness/ presentation

Animation Cover Letters: – This is pretty useful since it’s a recent graduates advice.

While searching for animation cover letters I found this blog post which is about a Siggraph presentation where Palmela Kleibrick talks about how to market yourself and stuff; . Within the blog post they talk about ways to make your C.V and advice on cover letters. I thought it was a pretty interesting read.

My cover letter:


This is a collection of websites I looked at for C.V help/templates to get rough idea of what they look like and what it the layout should look like;

There’s quite range of C.Vs there and they’re all done quite differently so I have a lot ideas about what way to make mine. A lot of them seem to have their resume on their website as well as having a downloadable PDF version so this is something for me to consider when making my website.

In the images below is my very first C.V which I haven’t touched since then because I just haven’t applied for jobs due to personal reasons. After reading all this information and the talk with Glenda Martin I knew my old C.V wasn’t done very well at all but then again this was made back in secondary school and we didn’t search for advice we just had to use a template they gave us. You can see it’s just full of words and personally I feel like no one would ever want to read that and there’s a lot of information in it that isn’t relevant.

So for my new one I cut this all down a lot. I also added in a section about my knowledge with certain softwares because I seen on a few animation C.Vs they would mention the software they know some would also say how competent they are with it.

After looking at the presentation of some of my class mates C.Vs I kind of knew I couldn’t just have all text and no design to it so I added the line across the top to split my personal information from the information about my experience etc . Here’s my first draft of my C.V;

Screenshot 2016-05-12 20.48.29.png

Second draft/Final version:

I moved the experience because I wasn’t so sure if my experience was really that good since I haven’t had any proper jobs.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 20.48.42.png




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