Making my website

I decided to go with wix. I was going to make another wordpress but after checking out wix it seemed like the most easiest to customise and make it exactly the way I wanted it.

Link to my site:

I kept my name ArtiswizardJenz because it’s a name i’ve been using since 2007 and I feel like it’s what i’m known as now especially since I use it for instagram, youtube, tumblr and now twitter. I did debate about whether or I wanted to keep that as my name because it does seem a bit unprofessional but I personally prefer ArtiswizardJenz over Jennifer (Jennie) McWhirter.

When I first started designing the website I forgot to get screenshots of the progress but it was similar to what it’s like now but without the sections within the main sections. (Ex: Art section didn’t have the separate sections Concept Art, Character designs etc. It was all on one page meaning the different types of art weren’t separated enough.)

Here is just some screenshots of what it’s currently like.

I kept changing the design because I would feel like it’s not simple enough or it’s lacking things. I would look back on Jane Bak’s ( and get ideas about how to show my art and such.

I feel like I need to add a sketchbook section at some point because I feel like my sketchbooks  are interesting to look at and they seem to be something everyone enjoys looking at. Although I do have an awful lot already on it and I don’t want to make the website cluttered.

Below is a video about my website, there’s not an awful lot of information in it but it sums it up:

I know I should have my showreel at the start but I honestly don’t believe it’s good enough to put there because it’s mainly just the Art you see anyway with about a second of animation. I just need to get more animation I guess but i’m not really into much. Also I need better wireframe gifs of my models because I don’t really know how to do them right.

Also instead of adding a photo of myself I added a drawing a done of myself a while back. I don’t really like photos of myself so I thought it would be better than nothing. Also I haven’t included a phone number because I’m not really good at taking phone calls yet so I’d prefer for now not to have it up there…It’s silly but I’m really terrified of calling people and answering phone calls.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 02.57.31





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