Interview Questions + Secret Talk – 7th April 16


This week we were talking about what sort of questions we could be asked at the interviews next week or any interviews we’ll attend in the future.  We were split up into small team and we had to think of 5 questions that give you the best insight into a prospective candidate. My team consisted of Natalie, Amy, Oisin, Edward and myself.

Our 5 interview Questions:

1. Why do you want to work here? 1. What do you know about our business (benefits)? 2. What makes you think you would be a good fit for this company? 3. Who inspires you and why do you like them? 4. What are your aspirations? 5. Describe yourself (in 5 words).

Greg then went around the groups and we all gave him one question each:

1. Why do you want to work here? 2. What can you do for us that other candidates cannot? 3. Give an example of a time you used your initiative in a difficult situation. 4. How would you deal with a team member you don’t get on with? 5. What is your biggest strengths/weaknesses in your workflow? 6. Where do you se yourself in 5 years? 7. Tell me about yourself.

We also went over answers that would good to use:

  • Reply showing that you have researched the company/aware of their work
  • Demonstrate accolades or when they’ve done work outside that of what they were required to do for their course.
  • Application of skills and being able to think independently.
  • Shows good communication skills and problem solving as well as a professional work ethic. Can show up candidates that will be derisive of others.
  •  Self-evaluating.
  • Shows planning, passion within the industry, how their ambitions align with the company and vision.
  •  Self-evaluating, show being concise, relevant, stay on task, opportunity to talk about yourself. The only part you can script.

Here’s some tips and advice from the presentation today:

  • The company will be hiring for a reason. A brief summary of which can usually be found in the job description, mimic the lexis used in that, and target that in the interview and reiterate how you would fit that role.
  • Try and find the rough wage for the job, so when asked in interview you don’t say anything that would either make them employ you for much less, or dismiss you because you’re expecting too much.
  • Be T shaped – broad base of knowledge with expertise in one area
  • What are you’re strengths/weaknesses? Give example of your weakness and how you have tried to improve in that area.
  • Get across your personality.
  • Try and rehearse answers to the typical questions or have good little sound bites that can be dropped into questions that weren’t expected.
  • Good Strengths:
  • Communication Team working IT Skills Good Attitude Flexibility Determination



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