Glenda Martin Talk – 10th March

This week we were told about how were being marked and when the interviews are. Afterwards we had a talk with the Careers Development Consultant, Glenda Martin.

This was talk was really helpful because it made me realise how I don’t really have much experience that isn’t university related. I haven’t done anything outside of University/School for years because of some personal reasons. I hope it’s not going to affect me too much but oh well. Other than not having a lot of experience her talk also informed us of some really important things to remember when going for an interview such as having a copy of your CV so you know what you put on it, being prepared and knowing information about the company that isn’t just things off their website and an interesting thing called the “elevator pitch” which i’ve never heard of. The point of this is to sell yourself in a short amount of time (as if you’re in an elevator with the CEO of a company). Apparently some companies are using this method instead of CVs since they can pick up of what kind of person you are and if you’re suitable.

She also gave us some information about what the University can do to help us she told us about the Employability Portal which I have seen before just through me browsing through the portal. But there is some useful tools on there which I did not know about and I might have a look at them some time. Glenda also told us about, I went on it and had a quick look, I think I used a website similar to this in secondary school because it has a quiz on it to help you find out what kind of job you might suit.

Glenda also talked about potential questions we may be asked such as why you chose your course, why you applied for a certain placement and why should you be chosen for the placement? (these are some of the many questions we could be asked)

Some things I wrote down:

  • What makes you stand out?
  • Tailor your CV to each job
  • CV 2 sides
  • Draw readers eye to important areas (Power verbs and action words)
  • Put things that show your interest in that area (Achievements/Interests – Not hobbies)

She left us with two help sheets for writing a CV and a personal profile. I think after this talk I need to redo my CV again.


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