Creative Enterprises – Websites and talk with Jamie Baker – 25th Feb 16

This week we were to show Greg our websites for ourselves. I did have one made but I was too shy to send him it because I just felt like it wasn’t good enough since I don’t have a show reel or anything for my models up yet.

Can find it here: ( I have a post dedicated to the making of it here -> )

Edward, Sorcha, Molly and Katie showed us their websites and I really liked Katie’s she has a lot of stuff on there and her work in general is just really interesting. Greg also gave some advice for our websites, link to your blog, make the resume downloadable, save for web (artwork).

We then had the talk with Jamie Baker. Although I wasn’t as hyped as everyone else the talk was still very helpful. I felt like I could relate to him since i’m not really into using computers for animation. I feel like storyboarding could be something I might be interested in but I know very little about it and I often find it hard to do.

  • Freelance storyboard artist (Nemo, inside out, walle, up etc)
  • currently freelance screenwriter
  • Australian
  • entered the animation industry at 17
  • worked with toei (japan) Disney and pixar
  • works on comics in his spare time



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