Creative Enterprises – Laura Livingstone – 3rd March 16

This week Alec was taking the class and we had Laura Livingstone as our guest speaker on skype.

Notes from Laura’s talk

  • Armagh
  • DAT – Communications, Films and Broadcasting
  • After graduating had one day off and straight into work
  • One thing that she had to make her standout was how she could speak English and so she used this to go work in Europe (Spain and Germany) as an English speaking Production Coordinator
  • A friend suggested for her to go over to America
  • Did development work – Applying for funds to help people get their films made
  • Went to SF and got a bar job then got into the industry over there
  • When she heard about all these people working on films and stuff she asked how they’re doing that and it was through Visual Effects
  • Applied for a Visual Effects job even though she had no knowledge of it
  • She didn’t know anything about visual effects and the company (ILM) told her to go away and learn some things
  • Went to film school in SF to learn about post production
  • Worked on Iron Man – first big movie-
  • Going to LA would have helped her career and get her to where she wanted faster
  • How can you do it faster, better , cheaper, quicker etc? -Question VFX people are asked alot
  • work TV epsiodic stuff – Fast and Crazy
  • Now currently at NTropic
  • Keep calm when it comes to difficult deadlines

Alec asked her how long it took for her to realise how long things would take

She said that each company was different in the way of getting things done especially between Large and smaller companies. Also a lot experimenting. Take a few weeks/days to work out how long certain projects to take.

Asked about the skills needed production manger – organised, communication skills, software used by people etc

Always communicate with teams especially when it comes to deadlines and make sure everyone knows what’s going on

Persistence pays off – if done right and in a nice way

Talked about women in the industry and how there is more women getting into it

No specific way of getting into this industry since everyone comes in from different areas

Again location is important and certain areas may be better for jobs

Useful to see how everyone works – company wise

Feedback – Just accept that others will have their own vision of how it should look and that sometimes things you make maybe not be what they pictured and youll need to redo it

Laura Livingstone’s description from the VFX summit website:

Laura is a Los Angeles based VFX Producer and currently works at Zoic Studios overseeing VFX for Banshee (HBO/Cinemax), Arrow (CW Network/Warner Bros), The Bridge (FX), White Collar (Fox) and Flash (CW Network/Warner Bros).

Laura made the transition from physical production to post and VFX in 2009 when she took a post with Industrial, Light and Magic to work on Iron Man 2. Since then Laura has worked on a host of projects from game cinematics, commercials, TV shows to feature films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Flight, Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy, Looper, Underworld Awakening, A Good Day to Die Hard.

Laura is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and a founding member of The Irish VFX & Animation Summit.




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