Creative Enterprises – Karin Cooper – 18th Feb 2015

Today we were looking at the CVs each of have made. My group was made up of Natalie, Amy, Oisin, Stephen and Myself. We made a big CV compiling everything into one, we tried to make our person seem like they were really good but we kind of knew we were overdoing it.

Here’s our massive CV with pieces of things from each of us:

Screenshot 2016-03-22 20.15.56 Screenshot 2016-03-22 20.16.02 Screenshot 2016-03-22 20.16.06

Later on in the day we had a talk with Karin Cooper.

  • She’s from Germany and she works for ILM as a creature supervisor in San Francisco
  • She studied Graphic Design in Germany 5 Years – Focused on 3D
  • was in a compressed workstation where the people wouldn’t share the information
  • Suggests to do an internship – she done an internship after she left – Foot in the door in the industry, in real production environment, learned a lot from being there
  • She was able to finish her studies and go back to the company
  • She’s worked for multiple companies before heading to America
  • She sent out several CVs to multiple countries
  • She wrote to a company after hearing about an internship but she wanted a proper job instead so after sending the letter they wanted her showreel and then they invited her over for an interview. She got hired.
  • So far from her talk I’ve learnt that it’s important to keep trying even if you don’t hear anything back because eventually you’ll get a response from someone. I think this is really important since this year i’m supposed to find placement and it is likely that a lot of them will turn me down.
  • She got laid off and again, had to quickly find a new job again since she was in America.
  • Kept calling ILM and seeing if they had any jobs.
  • Need to be open to feedback. Be Patient if it doesn’t turn out right the first time
  • Dailies (Meetings in morning) meet up with everyone and talk about the work

ILM showreel:



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