Creative Enterprises – Websites + Gavin Moran -11th Feb 16

This week we continued with showing off the Showreels we found.  Ours was shown this week and we found that it wasn’t as great as we hoped Marco Izzoi’s was really long and repetitive so it wasn’t as good as others. We also looked at websites this week, there was some really cool websites shown specifically the one made like a game.

Below are the websites that I found that I liked the most. Art related with no animation because I wanted to look at ones that would suit me better since i’m not much of an animator.

Jane Bak -

I really liked the layout of Jane’s website because it’s very simple and not hard to use either. It showcases her work well and I think I might try to do something similar with my website especially since her’s is mainly showing off her environment art.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.25.37

First Page is her Illustrations

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.25.55

Storyboard Art

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.26.04

Sketchbook pages

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.26.10

Contact Details

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.26.16



Erika Horváth Gáborovna –

I really like her art work but I found her wesbite to not be as good as Jane Bak’s because of how her Bio and Contact pages were laid out. Her website is made using tumblr so maybe thats why it’s not as good as Jane Bak’s. I found that tumblr is hard to use website wise unless you know how to code yourself a the theme/layout of it. I didn’t really like the themes they had on tumblr so that’s why i’m considering on using somewhere else to make my website.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.27.48

First Page of her website

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.55

This page has all the projects she’s worked on

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.13

Her photography showing that she is interested in this

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.26

Her art work which is a collection of fanart of EXO and her own drawings

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.34

Her Bio which is also her CV but you don’t know this because you have to scroll down a lot to get to that and it’s awkward to read.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 19.28.42

Not much on this page.

This is just a collection of other websites I had a look at when I was researching wesbites:

Gavin Moran Talk

  • Born in Dublin
  • Early 90s Green card for USA
  • Year of Portfolio Prep – 2 years in Dunleary
  • Was a traditional Animator
  • First Job cd rom company – platform games – disney games
  • Picked up by another company
  • Worked on portfolio at home to be part of the CG department at Disney because after seeing Toy Story he knew that CGI was the way to go with Animation (got the job as Inbetweener – 2 Years)
  • Game Company Insomniac – Sypro -> Went another company because he wasn’t into rigging and modelling etc
  • Not good to stay somewhere where it’s easy – plan what you actually want to do
  • Sony Pictures – Stuart Little 2/Senior Animator – Spiderman Previz, very detailed work and could have been used in the movie, most the previz would be thrown away
  • Went to Dreamworks – Sharktale – didnt really like working here
  • Back to Sony – Open Season, Surf’s Up, Alice in Wonderland,Beowulf
  • When the producers start coming that’s usually a bad thing
  • He was made a supervisor for animators – He had to make sure what the animators made were pleasing to the  producers.
  • Moved across the country and started at Epic – GoW3, DLC things
  • GDC – Demos with engines – Samaritin animation – Elemental – Kite
  • Need to be flexible with your ideas

Greg asked about the Kite animation and the brief for it.

Qualities they look for when they hire:

  • if someone turns up and theyre what youre looking for then theyll hire them
  • hire people that will get on with the rest of the people there
  • i guess they look for confident people and this sort makes me feel like im not suited because the example story he gave basically sounded like something i’d do…

“When you see a chance just go for it”

  • Annie Nomination for A Boy and His Kite

A Boy and his Kite

For next week we’ve to have a look at C.V’s.


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