Creative Enterprises – 4th Feb 2016 – Part 2

We chose Marco Iozzi’s showreel to send to Greg for the class to talk about. We have to wait until next week since we ran out of time. There was some really cool show reels that the class found and we sort of felt like ours wasn’t as good but we’re just going to with Marco Izzoi’s since his was the best one out of our collection of showreels.

The speaker for this week was Gerard Dunleavy. (

Old 2012 Showreel

He’s a concept artist and matte painter from Ireland. He currently works at MPC. I would like to do concept art but after hearing his talk I feel like it might not be my area since it involves a lot of working with different softwares…I’m really not much of person to enjoy working on the computer, I’d rather make things traditionally so I’m sort of getting put off doing concept art.

Notes from his talk;

  • Location is important
  • choose something you’re passionate about
  • Works primarily in advertising,  quick, variety of projects and its harder for people to transfer back from film to advertising because people have a lot more time to work on a shot in film
  • Advertising enables you to try new things, lot of ambiguity with clients, they tend to just want something “awesome” or “unique”
  • It can be disheartening for work in film ending up on the cutting room floor, because you cannot share it publicly, you can only show it in interviews for a new job after stating that it’s not to be shared elsewhere
  •  Got his first job at the Mill as part of an award for winning CGI Student competition
  • Its okay to feel like you aren’t really good enough to work in the job, as long as you fake it until you make it, just push on.
  • Expect long hours, especially at the start, to improve on your work and make sure you see the deadlines



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