Show reels for Creative Enterprises -4th Feb 2015 Part 1

The show reels that my team collected;

The ones I found;

This one repeats quite a lot but I thought it was really good to watch and see how they changed scenes a lot. They also included some footage of their process. It’s kind of really long and it can be boring becauue they repeat the process but with different environments. I found it to be really interesting to watch though because it’s pretty fascinating to see how they can change the entire colour and feel of what they have recorded.

Francesco Giugliano FX Artist showreel:

David Mattock’s General Showreel:

Some of the things I liked about David Mattock’s was how the music went really with the visuals and how at the end after his details he has this short animation of someone lifting the a tray up and it acts as transition like thing for his name and what he does to appear. Below are some screenshots from his showreel and what I liked about those certain scenes:

Screenshot 2016-05-11 16.49.30

I liked the composition of this shot because he panned down the character and kept it to the left of screen while on the right hand side it had the details about where that model was made.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 16.49.40

This shot was really cool because the wireframe appeared as it panned down the character and it looks so cool to watch. I really like this effect of having the wireframe reveal itself .

Below are screenshots of a sscene in his showreel where he has this countdown animation and the guy goes to touch the screen and then his logo starts to appear which was a creative way of bringing in his details/logo.

After that we see the tray animation and how as it’s lifted up it reveals another part with more details about him. I feel like this didn’t need to be there but it was still an interesting way of bringing more life to your showreel and making it interesting to watch:

Studio Distracts showreel really suited the company because they chose an upbeat song and when put together with their animations it seemed like a really good combination. I also noticed how they had scenes from all their shows through out the reel and then when it was coming to an end they added in the titles from the shows.  I wasn’t able to get the vimeo link to it but below is a screen shot from the showreel:

Screenshot 2016-05-11 16.59.26.png

The next lot of showreels are the ones that my group found themselves:


Natalie’s plus her comments

Good since they have the wire frame, orthographic view beside the 3d rendered turnaround

good having a turnaround and then turnaround on more intricate parts, the texture and lighting compared to clay to make it shine, dynamic poses

Student, show the process from concept art to wireframe model and then textured. Showing the layers being added on

info on the model, model in proper environment



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