Self Evaluation – Ani,Modelling and Concept art

I think I did better this time around, not so much team wise but just in general myself. I was able to model two scenes one entirely by myself and another which was mainly by myself but with a few things made by others. I didn’t dislike Maya too much this time, I only disliked it when I couldn’t use the rigs for the animation part. I found that it was hard to put things in the places I wanted them to be and this was a bit of an issue when it came to my getting off a chair animation. I could visualise it but I couldn’t make it in maya properly. I also feel like I worked better this time because I had to be the one to make sure my teams weren’t falling behind but this also made it harder for me because I wanted to do my concept art stuff more but I had to sort out the 3D scene because my other members weren’t doing so much. I really did try my best to get my concept art team to work together and I hope that whatever advice I gave helped them a bit.

I enjoyed doing this project much more than the 15 second animations we done previously because I think I prefer modelling and concept art together. Three of my concept pieces had my two scenes in them and they made things for me so much easier. I tried drawing buildings myself and it’s just so hard to do it. I think if I ever have to do buildings in concept art I will be using maya for that. I also managed to UV unwrap things ok they might not be done the best but I was able to texture one building with how I UV mapped it and it looked ok to me so maybe I’ll use this to also help me make my future art.

Animation wise I struggle with timing. I don’t really understand it…so I never know what frames to use and I just guess. I think my walk cycle is ok probably can be better but out of the three animations I done, it’s the best one I have. I don’t think i’m one for animating. I’ll just stick to modelling things I guess.

I also want to add that doing the concept art part to this project has really challenged me and made me want to get much better at it. I kind of want to continue the Neo Tokyo city idea on my own and make my own things based on it because I really enjoyed making things for it. I think having it as a side project for me to do when I feel like it, could help me improve my concept art skills because after watching a lot of speed painting tutorials from a range of concept artists I feel like I need to improve on a lot of things especially painting and trying convey certain feelings through my art. I’m not used to doing full pieces like I did for this project so this made me go out of my box for once. I draw faces too often and not enough bodies and full backgrounds. I would like to do a full concept art project sometime without worrying about animations and such but that’s unlikely.



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