CS – UV Mapping the rest of my models fom the scene.

Today was spent UV Mapping as many of models that I can. I’m not really sure how to UV map the temple thing I made but i’ll try my best anyway. I don’t think I’ve done the UV mapping for the models properly as I’ve just done each part of the model separately. I’m not sure if they’re meant to all be together or if they can be separated.

Traffic Lights UV’s

Street Lights UV’s

Tower Record’s Inspired Building UV’s


I could only do so much of this one. All the tiny rectangles are from the insides of the windows and it was taking forever to get them all in the right places so I left them out. This was the hardest one to do and it’s not even right. I have yet to do the actual signs that aren’t part of the building.Β 

Signs from Tower records building.

I’m now redoing the UV maps of this building;


Middle building UV Map


It took me a while to do this one but i got the hang of it. I used planar and cylindrical mapping.Β 


Right hand side building – I didn’t do this one very well either i’m not sure how to do the parts that go in. But it’ll do for now until I work that out.Β 


Left building – again didn’t sort of the small pieces


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