CS – More Concept art + Disliking one


Original sketch


Testing out things


Refining it

This piece is more of a character one. It doesn’t show the city well but it’s more about giving you an idea of what the people in this city are like. I guess they’re in gangs and there’s a reasonable amount of violence in the city. So this is showing the back areas of it rather than the pretty neon streets.


I’m changing a lot as I colour it.


I personally don’t like this much…but i’ll keep going at it.

I’ve started another one because I really don’t like that one

Started off with this sketch from weeks ago


Went into maya and used my concept art Maya scene and rendered an image of outside the Frojo. Β Then done this in photoshop;




drawing on top


Adding colour


Colouring characters. I used two of my designs for this.


I’m having trouble colouring the clothes…since my original sketch wasn’t super detailed its hard to know where the folds and such are…i know I should have drew a better sketch but since i’m starting this late I don’t have time to make a really nice sketch…


I tried to make a better guide for me to use but i’m really not good with bodies so this is really hard to do ):


I actually had more progress but a while after saving this Photoshop stopped working and I lost it all….My previous save was too far back and so I don’t have my layers of the people anymore and I now have to work on top of this one. So I cut out the people and i’m now working on top of them which saddens me because it means i’ve lost the rough sketch I had which made it a bit easier for me to do this…oh well…


Fixed the bike more. Done the face of the guy on the right. Struggling with the guy on right as shown in the pictures below.


Enter a caption

I asked Edward for his opinion on their faces because I personally don’t like them and I just wanted someone else’s opinion. So here’s his opinion; “The guy on the right is perfect. The other one is great too, but there is something slightly off, very slightly off. I’m thinking it’s either the positioning of the head in comparison to the body or the right side of his face is too dark in comparison to the other guy’s face.” I completely agreed. I then lightened up his face which was what Edward suggested to do. I think it made a bit of difference as seen below;


Fixed face. I still dislike it. But i’m not spending any longer on it…


Added in another two characters


I’m kind of rushing this since I started this one very late…so it won’t be as good as the others.


I think i’m going to stop soon. I wasted too much time on the two guys. I think I might work on this piece when I get some time to because I’d like to improve it much more. I rushed it and I feel like it could have been much better if I started this one first instead of the one above which I hated a lot.Β 

Overall i’m kind of sad that i did’t do this one as well as my others but I can fix it myself when I get the time to so I can have it in my portfolio.

The “Finished” Piece




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