CS – Run Cycle Attempt 2

I decided to restart my run cycle. I used this image from The Animator’s Survival kit;

This was to help me get the poses right. I attempted to make it and do the next part of it.

This is what I got;

It’s not great yet since I know the timing isn’t right but i’m going to go fix that up now to see if I can get it so it’s not super fast.

I haven’t fixed up the timing yet but this is just an updated version

3/4 View of it

I really don’t think animating is for me…i don’t really understand timing and where to put things on frames etc…Doesn’t matter how many times I try to read the Animator’s survival kit, I still don’t really understand it.

I went back and fixed up the hands and hips/shoulders a bit. I still don’t really know how I can fix the timing…I don’t really want to mess up my run cycle. Β (Probably can’t see the changes since it’s too fast)



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