CS – Getting up off a chair Animation

I decided to that for the body mechanics part of the Animation assignment I would do a character getting up off a chair.

I had a go at trying this out for myself and working out what kind of poses were needed. I would record myself but I don’t really like doing that kind of thing so i’ll just be acting it out in my room.

This is what I have so far;

It’s 32 frames long at the minute and for each pose there is about 4 frames inbetween. I have no idea if this is right or not but I like it so far. I’m find this easier than the run cycle. At the minute I have just got the main poses down. I’m now going to work on getting the arms pushing her up off the chair.

I fixed up the arms a bit as well as the hands but I think the hands/fingers need worked on more since they go through her legs.

I continued work on and this is it so far. I want to make the elbows go out a bit when she’s pushing herself up but I’m having trouble finding out which part of the rig to use to move them out the way.

I asked Natalie again for some feedback on it and this is what she said;

“A bit stiff when she’s getting up. Have a bit more of a pause as she leans forward, getting anticipation to the standing pose. When she leans forward, bring her elbows out a bit from her sides.”

I’m now going to work on the things she said and anything else I think needs done.

I tried to make the elbows come out a bit more but I don’t know if you really notice it much.

I went back and worked on it a bit more and here is three videos at different angles.

I think i’m getting somewhere with this one.

I tried to fix it up more but I ended up messing up the hand and I think I need to redo all the hand key frames because they’re not right now…I was trying to get the hand pushing up off her thighs but I ended up making the hand turn around.

I deleted all the key frames and had a go again but I still can’t get the hands the way I want them to. I’m find this rig hard to use because I can only rotate the arms.Β I’m of sad that I can’t get it right because I’m trying the best I can but I guess i’m just not really having much luck with it.


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