CS – Concept Art – City Scape Digital


Rough Mock up of what I want it to look like

I started to put together my drawings with a photo my mum took of New York at night. Below is the images I used to create the piece above.

I then started to play about with it more and change things about it and clean it up.


1st Ver – added in white blocks for signs, reflected the first layer of buildings into water and used the liquefy tool. Cleaned up the marker drawings and removed their sky.


2nd – Added in two buildings at the front based on a sketch I done. I also used the same glowing sphere on both sides rather than two different ones because I feel like there could be a bridge here. I’ll play about with this idea.


3rd – Changed the overall colour to a purple shade.


The sketch I’m basing this piece on


4th – Added in a rough road to see if it would suit the image. I kind of really like this so far and I think I might keep the road in it. I just need to make it more like a bridge.


I made a bridge in maya but I really didn’t like it much I feel like a flatter one would work better. I forgot to save the file of the bridge in maya but I still have a rendered version of it. I’m not keeping this in the final because it just doesn’t suit it at all. 


I added in clouds and the moon and added a blue tint to in between the two layers of building to give the impression of there being lights in between streets.


added the sky into the reflection on the water


Fixed up the road and changing the windows on the buildings. Originally I copied the ones from my hand drawn thing but I didn’t like the looks of those on the buildings in the background so I used a rectangle brush instead. 


I’ve adjusted the water to be a bit more blue, i’m not sure if i’ll keep this way or not but I kind of like it so far. 


While playing around with colours, this happened. I kind of like how it is but I sadly won’t be keeping it this way. It’s also an older version (I didn’t save this nice light purple version as PSD) so I can’t go back to it. Sort of makes me think of this as what it would be like during the day only with lighter buildings.


I changed the direction of the two middle buildings. I’m not sure which way I like them. 


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