CS – UV mapping again

Because I was struggling with UV mapping I went back to Alec’s notes on UV Mapping from a few weeks ago and found the video he put with the notes. I found this really useful because I was able to do it better this time.

I’m starting off with this building;


I separated the boards/signs into layers and from the building. They were making the UV mapping complicated for me…

I started with the top board and this is what it’s like so far;


I’m now going to attempt to sew it up and hopefully make a reasonable UV map for this sign. I flipped the UVs so they were all blue and then I began to sew them up. The screenshots below show this.


I have no successfully UV Mapped one of my boards. I made a really bad test texture but I wanted to just quickly make sure it’s fine.



I then UV Mapped the actual building. I didn’t do it properly…I forgot about the fact the windows go in the way but if I get the chance I might go back and fix that. Again I made a test texture and it is really bad but like I said it’s just a quick thing to make sure it’s right.


UV map


Super quick texture


Testing it out with the sign on top as well

I’m now going to UV map the other signs that are in front of the building. Below is images showing my UV maps for all the signs.

Obviously I wouldn’t keep the lines on them but I just wanted to do super quick ones to make sure I got it ok.

I then put them altogether as shown below;

I didn’t make a full UV map of the whole thing together because it gets a bit confusing then but if I have time I will go back and join all the UV Maps into one large one. At the minute each thing is separately UV mapped.



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