CS – Finished Female Character Designs


This is the completed female designs. I based these on a range of images and outfits I found around the internet. They are mainly influenced but the “Cyberpunk” style of clothing again similar to the Male version. Some are also just based on the Japanese Harajuku fashion while the bottom left (red one) is based on an old drawing I done back in 2013(Below). I based it on my old drawing because I remembered that I wanted to maybe have characters who are partially robotic but I only done her hand because the base is very small. If I was to create these digitally I would probably have made more of her robotic. It’s also sort of influenced by the Mecha Anime/Manga I think back then I wanted to try out that style…it reminds me a lot of Asuka from Β Neon Gensis Evangelion. I don’t know if this was the intention back then but it might have been…

Below is two images from tumblr that inspired two of my designs. They are both from tumblr but the sources of these images aren’t from the people’s tumblrs so I can’t properly source where these photos where from or who took them. But you can see how they inspired some of my designs. (I’ve also included the ones inspired by them)


The rest of my designs were made up and based on the males I done.

One of them is actually based on an early sketch I done in my sketchbook;


I decided to make it a bit different so I made her clothing all white and instead of curly hair I gave her long straight hair but kept it the same colour.


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