CS – UV Mapping my Models

I looked up the different ways of UV Mapping again and found this post

http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/130484/uv_mapping_tips_and_tricks.php It was kind of useful since it mentioned Cylindrical mapping and cube (which isn’t in Maya 2016?)

I had a go at UV Mapping this building:


First I separated each of the buildings and added them into their own layers.


I then started to UV map each building alone. I tried out the cylindrical mapping on the middle building but it didn’t really work for me…


So I then tried the Automatic to see what would happen.


I thought that since it had all the pieces here I could try out a really quick texture on it but I found that some pieces weren’t in the right place on the UV Map.


Not really sure how I’m going to UV Map all these buildings…i’m already finding it hard to do it.

I tried the planar mapping with the right building but I couldn’t get the rest of the building done.



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