CS- 3D Scene Update

I finally got the file from Oisin with his version of the scene but I felt like we still had a lot to do. Below is a test render from his scene.


So I started to work on it and try to make it a bit better.  I attempted to make a footpath, traffic lights and street lights. They might not be that great but we don’t have a lot of time left and I want to get this to a reasonable standard.  At the minute the massive buildings at the back are temporarily gone because I’m trying to create something similar but in a different way. I have two buildings in behind at the left hand side. I also spread it apart more because I felt that it was all too close together and it was looking a bit too cramped.


Trying to make a footpath


Test Render


Test Render


Test Render


Test Render with traffic lights


Test Render with traffic lights and street lights


Test Render without foreground bridge

I then added in Oisin’s bike and placed it around the scene and I tried to make a zebra crossing pattern on the road too but that was hard to do because some would show and others wouldn’t as shown in the rendered shots below.


I then went back to the pavement and added in another bit. I done a test render to see if you could see when the new bit was added. This test render also helped me to see if the white stripes where in the right place yet. As you can see the white stripes are still up a bit too high and you don’t really see where the new bit of the footpath joins on which is good since I just duplicated it. You can also see how the building at the back hasn’t got a footpath in all my renders and this is because of the shape of the buildings. I had to find a way of making a rounded one. I eventually made one by flattening a cylinder and changing the shape of it so it fits the buildings the best I could. I then attached a duplicate of my first straight footpath to each end.


After this I worked on the taller and bigger buildings in the background.

I added some signs onto the traffic light but you can’t see it in this render very well.



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