CS- Concept Art Research

I’ve found that doing concept art means lots of research for things similar to yours and finding ways you can do things. I would say I’ve spent a lot of my time doing research because I feel I don’t know enough to make pretty decent concept art. I started to use some techniques and try out ways that others have as mentioned in previous posts but I haven’t put my digital ones to use yet. I’m sort of hesitant to start the digital stuff because I don’t really know where to start or what to do even though I’ve done a lot of sketches and research.

I done some more research tonight to look at how people have actually painted their pieces. There was two really useful videos:

There’s so many good paintings in here so I picked out a few I like and put them together into one big collage;


I kept the timing in them because it’s hard to find the original artists since the description has them but they aren’t in order and there’s just so many listed it’s hard to go through them all. I did find that last two though because I thought they were the most relevant to me. I did some rough marker sketches of these paintings to learn about the composition and lighting etc.

The middle image isn’t very relevant but I liked how they done because it’s not perfected like others, you can still see the rough shapes the person used and how they refined it more.



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