CS – Concept Art – Character Designs

I’m really not that great when it comes to doing bodies so doing this for the female version was harder for me because I had to draw a female body. It took me a few bad sketches of poses from images online until I got a slightly decent looking one, which ended up being exactly like the male 58816213one…I didn’t notice this at first. I based this on an image of Yuri (SNSD) [right] because her pose seemed to be the best one I could find to base mine on. You will see how my pose isn’t exactly the same I did change it a bit so I just used her as reference since i’m not great at proportions and such.

I had a look at fashion models too but their poses were a bit extreme and a lot of the females on character model sheets I looked at were a bit too girly for me and they didn’t really suit what I’m going for…maybe i’m just not looking up the right things?

Blank Sheet


Comparison Height Wise – I made this because I made the females on my sheet a bit taller than the males by accident but I kind of liked them having longer legs.



While working on the female designs I noticed that the arms are way too long and the head isn’t right either but while designing the outfits i’m trying to adjust the size of them a bit so its not too bad.


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