CS – Concept Art – Starting Digital Pieces

So based on our agreement of doing this rendered shot of my street;


I have started my version;


The plan is to build up the colour and the eventually take away the rendered shot. If it doesn’t turn out nice then I’ll just keep the rendered shot underneath. At the minute I have been using overlay a lot and adjusting how bright I want the light up signs to be. I had a go at colouring the frogs but they were not nice at all so i am probably going to find a better shade of green. As you can see below it’s too neon for me and it doesn’t suit what’s going on at the minute. I did try to create the reflection of the light on the building beside the “Frojo”but it’s not the way I want it to be so again I’ll be working on that but for now it will be temporarily hidden until I get to that part.


As you can see in the images so far I have a purple – blue tone going on with a hint of pink. This is because I noticed that quite a few of the pieces of art I have saved on my pinterest board have this kind of colour scheme and they also tend have a bit of red and yellow mainly on the signs.

At the minute I don’t really like it much but i’m hoping I can make at least one decent piece of concept art.

Also Matthew has finished his version of this and here it is;


Currently at the minute Matthew is the only one to be keeping up to date, I don’t know if Siobhan has done her version.

I don’t really know if this is the best rendered shot to be working with because Β don’t think it’s very appealing but I guess it’s something to get me into how i’m going to do buildings and such although I think i’d rather do more people with backgrounds than doing cityscapes and street views. I find them really hard to do because most other concept artists tend to use photos of Japan that they’ve then painted on top of. I don’t have any of my own photos of Japan so I don’t want to take anyone’s work and claim it as mine.


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