CS – Concept Art – Character Designs


So tonight I worked on these, I think they came out well. I made the character sheet myself and just drew on top of my basic male body I had. The original image this is based off is a drawing I have, I thought this pose was suitable and I’m not great at drawing bodies in general but I liked this one. The blank version is shown below.


I based these designs on a variety of images and just from drawings I had. I just searched for “Cyberpunk Clothing” on tumblr and combined all the designs I really liked. Some of them are based on clothing that people have wore in music videos and such but none of them are specifically exactly the same as the sources. I felt that the characters of this city won’t look the same in any way. They’re very influenced by the Japanese fashion scene as well as the Korean because I feel like this suits the Neo Tokyo style. Originally I was thinking of an 80’s feel to it but I don’t think my designs are based on anything from then in particular but some may give a sort of 80’s feel. It’s hard to explain what I mean by this because I was thinking of like the baseball jacket kind of things…big puffy jackets of some sort and the converse sort of things? There’s probably a better way of explaining this but i’m failing at that…I guess back in the early days of this project I was thinking that if this was something it would be something like an 80’s video game/ film based on video games. I think one of my early designs has a glove similar to the Nintendo power glove because I felt like it suited the Neo Tokyo theme.

I’ve never made one of these before and I found this really fun to do. I really enjoyed designing the outfits. I’m not great at drawing clothes or bodies but as long as I got down the general ideas i’m happy. I should be working on the city stuff but this was just something fun to get me in the mood for drawing and working on the digital things. I feel like i’m avoiding the digital paintings a lot…I find traditional things so much easier to get into than digital, I think I just need to start doing it much more often and this wouldn’t be so hard to do then.

I also purchased Jonas Dero’s Royalty Free “Tokyo Cyberpunk Reference Pack”  which I think will be helpful when doing the city scenes. There’s 1000 images of Tokyo for me to work from and get inspired by. I’ve included a screenshot to show an example of the sort of things included in his pack. I’ve had a look through these already and I’ve found some interesting, inspiring photos I’ll hopefully use for my concept art.



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