CS – Animation – Walk Cycle New

I was trying to use the animator’s survival kit for the walk cycle but for some reason it wasn’t working out right…

So I went back to the walk cycle I made with Conann and it worked out better. At the minute i’m only getting the feet moving properly and so it looks right. I’m now going to move onto getting them to look better and then I will move onto the arms and everything else. I also decided to choose a different character…i was getting a bit bored of the Elle one.


I’m now doing the rest of the body and this is what I have so far

I think I need to work on the feet a bit more as well as the arm swinging. However, compared to my previous attempts I have gotten further with this one. Going to ask for some advice for the feet since they don’t look right to me.

I got some advice from Natalie because my Animation group isn’t responding to me in general these days so I felt like she’d be a good person to go to. She pointed out things about the feet that I noticed too about the feet below is what she said,

“it seems like the red foot sort of glides back. The blue one needs lifted more when going forward”

She suggested to also look at a reference image which I was doing but the one I had from the Animator’s Survival kit only had half of it and for some reason I found it hard to flip them to do the rest of it…maybe i’m just doing these at points when i’m too tired…Anyway!

Natalie sent me the reference image she used for hers;


Source: http://joeyeverettgad.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/maya-walk-cycle-development.html

I think this one will be easier to use than the other one I was using.

This is what I have so far after using the advice I was given. It looks much better but I feel like I need to get it to suit the character a bit more…I’ll worry about that later. I kind of just want to get a decent walk cycle done and then I can fix how she walks, since it’s a girl I feel like she needs to take smaller steps but i’ll do this after I fix the rest of the body etc.

I started to use the graph editor to help me get the animation a little bit better…I don’t really know if it’s made much of a difference but here’s the video

Also this is just an example of me using the graph editor and showing what changes I made to one section.

So this is what I have so far

I think it’s ok now, I’m going to get some more feedback incase there’s things I can’t see wrong with it. For now I think the arms might need fixed.

Got some more feedback from Natalie based on the previous video

“It seems pretty good, the blue foot goes through the floor at one point though, and maybe have the hands a little bit behind the arm swing to make it look more natural… Turn the feet outwards a little maybe? Unless your going for the catwalk thing, and swivel the hips forward and back maybe to give more sway but the feet are definitely better”

I decided that I should go with a model’s walk since the character is an adult female and it seems to suit it best so Natalie give me some more advice on this.

“the arms are pretty easy to do, if you get one done then just use the values or minus the same values on the other side. I think if it’s a catwalk you should have the feet sort of swing out so they go in front of each other, if you know what I mean? Like she’s on a tightrope, so instead of the feet sort of being beside each other? Does that make sense? Or am I being confusing?”
So I went back to it and tried to work on everything she talked about and this is the result of that
I’m actually quite happy with it now, it’s much better than all my previous attempts and I will get more feedback later on but for now I will leave it at this and work on the other animations I have to do.
I posted it in my teams group too but I never did get any feedback sadly.
Edward also gave me some feedback on my walk cycle too;
“The only things that I would change about yours is the upper body and the obvious leg jump. The upper body is a bit static, I also thing the upper body might be leaning back a little bit too much. The head is also too still in the side view and it might be a little too exaggerated in the front view. (I’m being very critical)”
If I get the time to go back I will fix up my walk cycle and make it better.

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