CS – Concept Art – 10th ~ 22nd Dec 15

These are just some other sketches I done while thinking about what I want to do as my “Final” concept art pieces. The first was actually me trying out a different kind of perspective based on this piece I found through tumblr :


Source: http://fuckyeahcyber-punk.tumblr.com/post/105418253537 

I tried to find the original source but I had no luck and i’m not quite sure what it’s from but I really like the composition of this because of how small the guy looks compared to the city. I also like the colour scheme it makes me feel like the guy is going to be up against something in this city so I thought that could be a good idea for me. The other sketches are just me sketching down ideas and aren’t based on anything…except that drawing of the guy that’s just something I done for myself…

On the 10th Dec we all individually talked with Alec and he gave me some advice for everything we’re currently doing. One of things for concept art was for us to try and work more as a group…I’m find this a bit hard because some team members aren’t responding in the group I made but it’s ok because the rest are trying. I had a small meeting with Matthew and Siobhan and we decided to draw from one of my rendered stills of the scene I made in maya (below). It’s not one of my best stills but we thought it would be good to try and do anyway especially since Matthew doesn’t really know what our idea is as he joined us late.


I started to do some really bad and quick cityscape sketches to get used to doing them…they aren’t really that good but I can work on that.


I also helped Natalie make her Chinese building a bit more interesting I’ve included her model and the sketches I made while talking to her;

I  found this tumblr with a lot of concept art of Cyber Punk cities which I thought was really cool. http://fuckyeahcyber-punk.tumblr.com/ There’s a lot of really good art on there but I found that a lot of it involves using photos…which I think is going to be hard for me to do because I don’t want to use other people’s photos but if I have to then I will. I kind of want to fully paint all mine but it seems like the best ones are modelled in maya and textured in it as well or they are photos with painting on top of them. I wish I could spend longer on this kind of project because I feel like there’s a lot of skills to learn and I won’t be able to learn all these in time for the deadline.

There’s a tumblr page I follow (that i don’t remember the name of) which posted Stato Ozo’s work [His Portfolio – ]and I really liked his way of using markers.

I went onto the original source of the images so I could get a better look at his way of using markers. Although this didn’t really help much because he has a blur around the photos so I can’t get a good look at the drawings but still it was nice to see and it made me want to use markers again because I’ve been neglecting them for quite some time. I should really have done this at the start to get out all of my ideas and such but I didn’t. Below is just a few examples of the marker pieces. I really like the texture of the marker and how the colours look well together.

I tried to recreate this but I had no luck…I think it’s the type of paper he uses or the markers, I have some copic ciaos but none of them are grey…I thought that by using the colourless blender I could get the same sort of strokes with the marker but that never happened, it sort of ended up being soaked in the paper too much and causing it to be harder to work with.

Here’s my attempts of using my markers to get something similar. I mainly focussed on cityscapes because on the Alec mentioned that I should consider doing some, I should be doing them digitally but I want to get the hang of them traditionally first, before going into digital.


I kept the whole page so you can see the colours I worked with and just me testing out the markers etc. On the second image there’s actually a building above the cityscape just in case you’re wondering what it is. I spent several days trying to work out how Stato uses the markers and makes them look the way they do but i’m still convinced it’s down to the paper he’s using. I got the a similar effect with the blender shown below…

It was more noticeable when I first done it but I sort of lost it because I done it too much and I added a colour on top so you lost the lighter colour it created. I think I spent too much time trying to work out how he uses markers…maybe his are better in quality than my promarkers or he uses white ink/colourless alcohol marker ink to do it…I will never know.

I did a few sketches of random buildings too, I was thinking of having some interesting building shapes within my art to make it more appealing since plain cuboid shapes are a bit boring. I noticed how a lot of the art with the same theme as mine have different shaped buildings so yeah. I think most of these are based on building concepts for Dubai and some Japanese buildings.


I did one digital piece of a kind of cityscape but it was just for fun:


I was playing about with a brush in photoshop and I liked how it made a building like shape so that’s how this was created. Although I makes me think of a steampunk city rather than a Neo Tokyo thing but it was just to test out the brush.

I have also been doing some drawings of people (mainly EXO members) because I haven’t done life drawing in ages and if I want to have characters in my art i’m going to have to be able to draw their bodies etc, that is something I am definitely not good at. They’re all at the back of my sketchbook, I didn’t put them at the start because they didn’t really seem like they were part of my work but I kind of consider them part of it now since i’m trying to draw bodies for my characters if I get them in.

A few weeks ago I also bought the  Akira Club book which has a ton of art by Otomo Katsuhiro. I found it useful because of the drawings of buildings he has in it. I might not be doing any close ups buildings like he has but it lets me see how he drew them and since Akira was a bit of an inspiration for the concept art I thought that I might as well get it for inspiration too. I personally really like the colours he uses and how he colours things, they’re kind of weird colours in his paintings, they aren’t the same as the ones we’re using but still interesting. Below I’ve included some example images from the book. There’s some really good character sketches in this book and I think they’ll pretty useful for me since I’d like a character with a motorbike too.

So far I think I’ve spent more time researching others because I find buildings really hard and I have no idea about how I’m meant to do this digitally…I sometimes think it was a bad idea to choose a city but at the same time I kind of like how it’s challenging me.


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