CS – Modelling a motorbike – 7th Dec 15

I started to work on a motorcyle for the scene, it might not be used because I think Oisin’s is more suitable since his is based on the actual bike in Akira.  While Modelling this I had a lot of problems and it took me a while to work out how to go about it. I think I need to divide it all up. Originally I was doing one side at a time then I would duplicate it and combine them and work my way to the back but this isn’t helping with the controls and such at the front on the top. I got feedback from Alec suggesting for me to model each piece separately so i’m going to have a go at that. I couldn’t find any useful tutorials on modelling motorbikes other than ones that aren’t this style.

To help me model this I actually used this image:


I have a printed out version in my sketchbook where I’ve drawn on top of it a rough topology to help me build the body.

I did a rough scene with what models we have done and this is just some rendered shots from my interpretation of it.

I tried to include all the models from Pete but I had to go in and fix up a lot of his due to problems with some parts of his buildings being detached and there being a lot of history which was slowing it down a bit. I didn’t get to use all of his models though. The ones that are his are shown below:

My models in the scene are buildings that I created for the concept art section which were able to be used for this as well. (below is just some rendered shots of the buildings…I might have missed one or two out but they’re quite similar and I think I have them in another post with concept art stuff)

I posted these rendered shots in our group online and Oisin then posted his version underneath. I actually like his better just because of the buildings in the background. I was going to include his motorbike on the bridge but I don’t have a copy of it so I can’t put it in yet. We like the way in Akira the buildings are overlapped and I think Oisin tried to recreate this in his version of the scene.

12313899_568930653257663_7313468616043472450_n.jpg  Below is an example of what I mean by the buildings overlapping.


We also decided to use this piece of concept art by James Hugh Dalton:


We originally planned on using a different piece but we felt like our idea wasn’t based on his art at all so we had a look through other ones he did and we felt that this particular piece of his concept art was more suitable for our idea. We’re hoping that this is ok because it wasn’t one of the concept art pieces we could chose from.



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